BusyBox Sign – Enhance your space by eliminating interruptions, and staying focused. ⁠ ⁠

Staying productive and creative can be challenging especially while doing homework. Cue BusyBox Sign, the polite way to say “leave me alone” any way you want, especially for those dorm mates. It’s a wireless status box that lets those around you know not to bother you.

The BusyBox is amazing for glass doors and open concept offices. Without the BusyBox, it is nearly impossible to tell whether someone is available, doing light work, or in the zone without asking them. Now you can display what level of “busy” you are without worrying that someone might walk in while you’re working.

With Digital or Standard model options, you can customize and create your own message to set the right mood. What’s more, the BusyBox Button is a simple way to control it from afar or go “hands-free” with integrations using your favorite apps such as Google Calendar or Siri for voice commands. 3 Models ranging from $129-$299, there is a BusyBox sign for different users and applications.

  • Enjoy endless hours of interruption free work. BusyBox is the best way to let people know “now is not a good time.” Spend less time being distracted, and have more time to do the things you love.
  • BusyBox is the perfect decor for your home office, recording studio, or productive sanctuary. The modern luxurious design looks amazing, and emphasizes any professional space.
  • Connect with your favorite apps to automate your BusyBox. They are adding new integrations every month. To date we have Google Calendar, Siri, & Google Assistant, done.
  • BusyBox uses a 5,000 mAh so you can enjoy weeks worth of illumination time on a full charge.
  • Take control of your BusyBox, or multiple BusyBoxes, with a simple touch. The easy to use free app allows you to choose colors, adjust LED brightness, create presets, group multiple BusyBoxes together, and integrate with other apps.
  • Simply slide in your message to let coworkers, friends, or family know what you’re doing. Messages can be easily changed by removing the cover, sliding out the old message, and sliding in the new message. BusyBox S comes with the following messages included: BUSY, LIVE, ON AIR, ON A CALL, RECORDING, DO NOT DISTURB
  • BusyBox is a US based startup. If you need support, they are there to help.

BusyBox makes products for work-from-home professionals and create-from-home content creators. Whether you’re working remotely, jumping on video calls, streaming videos, recording a podcast, studying for finals, or just in need of some solo time, BusyBox gets you the uninterrupted space you need. They launched during the pandemic with great results but not realizing the unprecedented chip crisis was coming and, while it’s been very difficult to keep the little business running smoothly, they continue to work, continue to sell, and continue to grow. BusyBox is excited to build new products and for everyone will bring to the smart home and smart office of the future. BusyBox believes that creating a smart productivity space(s) will be the norm someday soon, along with smart kitchens, smart entertainment and smart security.