Immunity support + muscle wellness infused into Nirvana natural spring water.⁠ ⁠

Sometimes life moves pretty fast. Nirvana Muscle Recovery + Immunity is here to help you keep up. Muscle Recovery + Immunity gives your body what it needs to make the most of small recovery windows, so you can keep moving with the strength and health when life doesn’t give you a break.⁠

NIRVANA MUSCLE RECOVERY + IMMUNITY SUPPORT is the only natural spring water infused with HMB and Vitamin D3 for enhanced muscle recovery and stronger immunity. It is enhanced with Vitamin D3, which can boost immunity, strengthen bones and muscles to withstand activity, exercise, or strength training. Nirvana premium spring water is also the only water infused with the multi-patented myHMB Clear, providing muscle health and wellness benefits that no other water can deliver. Enjoy chilled!

Nirvana HMB bottled spring water contains proprietary and patented water-soluble myHMB Clear that helps decrease muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis. Sourced fresh from five natural springs, and fed by two ice age aquifers that rush beneath 1,700 acres of protected wilderness. Nirvana spring water is clear, pure, and untouched by human hands. The bottles are made on-site from 100% recycled PET. BPA-Free and BPS-Free.

Deep in the foothills of the adirondack mountains, on 1,700 acres of protected wilderness, two ice age aquifers gush with pure and delicious spring water. This is Nirvana, and it’s now infused with exclusive, patented, science-backed formulations to improve health and wellness.

Nirvana is immersed in the science of HMB and its benefits for Muscle Wellness. With the only patented water-soluble HMB, everybody will be staying strong drinking the best tasting water on Earth.