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    A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Creating with Paint & Mediums

    Discover how easy, satisfying, and fun it is to create with acrylic paints and mediums in Creative Acrylics.

    Acrylics are one of the most versatile, affordable, and accessible art mediums, and you’ll learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques for blending colors and building texture, plus excellent instruction on how to paint a range of different subjects.

    Confused about which types of paints to use, and how to use them? Creative Acrylics cuts through the clutter and offers clear fundamentals for working with a variety of paints and mediums to produce beautiful results. Acrylic paint is water-soluble, dries quickly, and is forgiving, making it perfect for those starting out. Begin your acrylic painting journey with an expert who will guide you through enjoyable techniques and projects as you build confidence and ramp up your skills.

    Step-by-step techniques, lessons, and projects cover a wide range of styles and genres, including color mixing, brushwork, glazing, and how to paint easy florals, still lifes, landscapes, and animals. Take your new skills even further and paint on different surfaces to create an apron, painted shells, a paintbrush rest, clay pot, and more.

    In Creative Acrylics you’ll find:

    • How to set up your workspace to make painting more enjoyable
    • A guide to the different types of acrylic paint
    • Basic techniques such as understanding color and value, and how to add texture and other effects using paint and mediums
    • Lessons and projects that build skills: creating still lifes, florals, landscapes and skies, and painting on fabric, wood, shells, clay, and more

    With all these ideas and inspiration, your acrylic painting journey can begin today!

    Perfect for all skill levels, the books in the Art for Modern Makers series take a fun, practical approach to learning about and working with paints and other art mediums to create beautiful DIY projects and crafts.

    Carla Co Chua has loved drawing and painting since childhood, and her earliest influences include popular anime and cartoon shows on Philippine television. She graduated cum laude in information and communication technology management from De LaSalle University in Manila and, after several years of navigating the corporate world, she decided to reignite her passion for painting. Through her consistent social media postings on Instagram and YouTube and interactions with her audience, Carla found another calling: teaching. She has hosted several public and private art workshops since 2017 and has collaborated with art supply brands to teach acrylic and watercolor and painting at art events around Metro Manila. Carla continues to inspire artists with her beautiful artwork that includes florals, animals, portraits, landscapes, and still life. Carla lives in Manila, Philippines.

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    Wyland Foundation’s whale tail pendants, wave socks and more help ocean conservation this holiday season

    Wyland Foundation (501c3) presents new winter fundraising merchandise including aquatic jewels made with recycled metals, hand crafted in Southern California, naturally lead and nickel-free. Also see a line of cozy–aquatic themed–winter essentials.

    Proceeds from Wyland Foundation‘s Gifts That Give fund programs for clean water and healthy oceans including the Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, art contests geared toward educating and inspiring ocean stewardship, and clean water advocacy.

    Winter wear that supports ocean conservation is available online at wylandfoundation.org/shop.

    Washed Twill Adjustable 3D Whale Tail Hat – Black with Cool Blue Underbrim

    A modern take on the “dad cap” with Wyland Foundation Whale Tail embroidered using a 3D process. They opted for a sleek black-on-black design for this one. This hat has 6-panel construction and a pop-blue under-brim. It’s made from organic cotton which is enzyme washed for a soft, worn-in look and feel. It even has an adjustable antique brass buckle for a customized fit.

    Heavy Cotton Wyland Signature Hoodie with Sea Turtle Screen – Blue

    • The only casual-cozy pullover hoodie you will need.
    • 100% heavy cotton.
    • Pigment dyed with Wyland’s sea turtle screen and a Wyland sleeve signature screen.
    • Screened using environmentally friendly water based ink.

    USA Made Cotton Jacquard Shark Socks – One Size Fits Most!

    • One size fits most folks!
    • Cotton jacquard knit sharks & waves sock with a shark-bite toe and Wyland Foundation logo on the footbed.
    • Blue combo with red accents.
    • This WYFO design was USA made in North Carolina from USA sourced cotton.
    • 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 4% Lycra

    Octopus Print Flip Flops – Navy – Proceeds Benefit Our Oceans and Waterways

    Wyland Foundation has produced some of the most unique and comfortable flip flops you’ll find anywhere. Proceeds help support the Wyland Foundation’s efforts for clean water and healthy oceans. See how the efforts are changing the world.


    • 100% Textile Sponge Rubber
    • Textured footbed with graphics
    • Wyland Foundation heel logos
    • Navy / white color combination
    • Long-lasting and recyclable
    • Please refer to size chart

    All proceeds from your purchases directly support Wyland Foundation efforts to bring people together for clean water and healthy oceans. So whether you’re buying something special for yourself or someone you love, you’re also making a unique contribution to children’s education, the arts, and the future of our planet.

    About the Wyland Foundation

    Founded in 1993 by environmental artist Wyland, the Wyland Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s oceans, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through community events, educational programs, and public art projects. www.wylandfoundation.org

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    It’s officially wrap season! Making sure your gifts stand out under the tree.

    Christmas is not far away, so I am curious…Are you the “done with wrapping by the 15th” type of person? Or the “wrap everything on the 24th” type of person? No matter what type you are, now it is literally the time to get all your wrapping papers and accessories ready. Spruce up your holiday gifts with MARCH reversible gift wrap! Each of our papers are double-sided for easy pattern mixing — making sure your gifts stand out under the tree.

    March is a creative and playful party goods company, obsessed with pattern and design. They e think the details of everyday life—the wild constellations of objects that are surrounded—should be lively, beautiful, even inspiring.

    March has been designing luxury wallpaper together for years at makelike design. Now that our lives are full of kids, grandkids, and many birthday parties, they have found that beautiful and environmentally friendly party goods are difficult to come by. March was born from the collective desire to create beautiful, quality party goods that are produced with ethical and environmental values. March team designs and illustrates their wrapping paper and party goods from their studio in Portland, Oregon. March products are available for purchase directly from them in their online shop.

    Catnip Gift Wrap

    Partying all night and sleeping all day. It’s a life of luxury, wouldn’t you say?

    Winter Ruby Gift Wrap

    Gather your gems; you’ll have a bunch.
    These are the type you can have for lunch.

    • Double-sided gift wrap sheets
    • 19.375 X 27 inch
    • 100% carbon neutral
    • 100% recyclable
    • Made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials

    Cotton Ribbon

    Fold, curl, weave, tie, trim.
    Wrap your gift and give it some vim.

    • 10 yard spool
    • 1/2 inch width
    • Ribbon – Biodegradable
    • Spool – Recyclable

    Letterpessed Card or Gold Foiled Card

    A cheerfully designed letter-pressed card to send your holiday sentiments! Made from post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable, all their letter-pressed cards are eco-friendly and sustainably produced using high-quality materials. Blank inside so you can personalize your gift to loved ones. For an extra special touch, each design is hand-drawn and crafted with care. Dress up your present this year with a beautifully crafted card from March Party Goods.

    • 4.25 X 5.5 inch – Blank Inside
    • Made with 100% post consumer waste
    • 100% recyclable
    • Designed and printed in Portland, OR
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    The blank page isn’t daunting with 10-Step Drawing: Cats and Dogs

    Featuring illustrated tutorials for drawing dozens of animals, Ten-Step Drawing: Cats and Dogs break down each subject into ten simple steps. All you need to get started is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper! Learn to draw more than 50 cat and dog breeds, including American Shorthairs, Persians, Maine Coons, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, Great Danes, and many more!

    Learn to draw your favorite cats and kittens, step by step, with Ten Step Drawing: Cats.

    The blank page can be daunting, but the fun and approachable books in the Ten-Step Drawing series offer a quick and easy starting point for any doodler, illustrator, or aspiring artist to be creative. Featuring illustrated tutorials for drawing a variety of different animals, flowers, plants, and people, each book in this appealing series breaks down each subject into 10 simple steps. And all you need is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper!

    Handy prompts help you learn to draw by encouraging you to express creative individuality, while helpful general drawing tips enable you to try out your drawing skills on other subjects not featured in the book. The projects feature instructions for graphite pencil, ink, and colored pencil, for a well-rounded introduction to drawing.

    Learn to draw more than 50 cat breeds, including:

    • Ragdolls
    • American Shorthairs
    • Persians
    • Siamese
    • Sphynx
    • Maine Coons
    • And many more!

    The perfect reference for your first steps as an aspiring artist, Ten Step Drawing: Cats is sure to give you the courage to break out a pencil and paper and draw to your heart’s content!

    Learn to draw your favorite dog breeds, step by step, with Ten Step Drawing: Dogs.

    Learn to draw more than 50 dog breeds, including:

    • Labrador Retrievers
    • Golden Retrievers
    • French Bulldogs
    • Pugs
    • Poodles
    • Chihuahuas
    • Great Danes
    • And many more!

    The perfect references for your first steps as an aspiring artist, Ten Step Drawing: Cats and Dogs are sure to give you the courage to break out a pencil and paper and draw to your heart’s content!

    Designed especially for aspiring illustrators, doodlers, and art hobbyists, the fun and approachable books in the Ten-Step Drawing series encourage new artists to get acquainted with the basic principles of drawing so they can learn to create art with confidence. They are sure to encourage even the most reluctant artist to break out a sketchbook and doodle to their heart’s content. Other subjects in the series include Flowers, Animals, People, Nature, Manga, and Everyday Things. Ten-Step Drawing: Cats and Dogs both publish December 14, 2021.

    Justine Lecouffe is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in London, UK. She creates digital and traditional hand drawings encompassing fashion, beauty, architecture, and travel for clients in a wide range of industries, from book publishing to branding for jewelry and fashion designers. Her work has been published in a number of books, including Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, and her major clients include Apple, O2, National Trust, NHS, Redbull, Nivea, and Pandora. If you’d like to find out more information or see further examples of her work, find her on Instagram @justine_lcf.

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    Take your art in a bold new direction—go gouache!

    Take your art in a bold new direction—go gouache! In Creative Gouache, artist Ruth Wilshaw shares her step-by-step techniques for creating brilliantly vibrant effects with this easy-to-master medium, a perfect companion for transparent watercolor.

    In this comprehensive guide to gouache, you’ll:

    • Get an overview of essential materials and surfaces.
    • Learn basic handling and coloring-mixing techniques, including layering, creating blends, and adjusting opacity, plus troubleshooting tips for common challenges, such as dealing with shifts in color and value from wet to dry.
    • Explore how to paint fun, simple motifs, flowers, butterflies, landscapes, and lettering.
    • Discover fun gouache techniques, such as adding texture and painting gradients and blends.
    • Learn how to incorporate other mediums with gouache, including paint pens, colored pencil, and watercolor.
    • Use what you learn to create inspiring projects such as dimensional artwork, clay décor pieces, and cheerful banners.
    See what you can create with gorgeous, wall-to-wall color with Creative Gouache!
    Perfect for creative beginners, the books in the Art for Modern Makers series take a fun, practical approach to learning about and working with paints and other art mediums to create beautiful DIY projects and crafts.
    About Ruth Wilshaw:

    Ruth Wilshaw is a self-taught gouache artist who loves to encourage others to give this quirky medium a go. She enjoys painting modern landscapes and creating art inspired by nature. Ruth shares tutorials and videos with her growing number of fans and followers on Instagram and YouTube, giving tips and advice on painting with gouache for artists of all levels, especially beginners. Her videos have been viewed more than 10 million times. Originally from the UK, Ruth lives in Texas.

    Instagram: instagram.com/ruthwilshaw
    YouTube: youtube.com/c/RuthWilshaw/videos
    Website: moderngouache.com