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    Boardgames and wine are perfect for rainy days like today. “How would you know if you are going mad?”  Gravitas is the game that gets people thinking and talking again. The award winning game is simple; there is no board, no tokens, and no dice. It is a game of questions and discoveries with no right or wrong answers. “There are life questions and deeper philosophical questions,” says the creator Alan Gratias. “The game gives us permission to reveal ourselves by answering questions we have never been asked before.” For example, one card picked at random asks the following: How much is enough? What do you wish your mother understood…

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    Making it Sunny through the Rain

    Somehow, each time it rains all options of fun things to do go out the window, the excuse being… “It’s raining”!CP24 is saying we’re looking at a few days of this stuff so instead of letting it put a DAMPer on having fun I’ve compiled a list of ‘Stuff that’s fun without the sun’ lol… njoy · Get lost in a good book – to name a few… ‘A year in the Merde’ by Stephen Clarke & ‘Remember Me’ by Sophie Kinsella· Download some new itunes· Paint ur nails a sunny color – I love coral or electric fuchsia· Exercise – hitting the gym always gives me a fresh start…

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    Dog x Honda Element

    New York Auto Show 2009 unveiled the new ‘dog friendly’ concept car for Honda Element.  I personally think that it’s a great step towards the new age life style.. but I don’t want to be the ‘dog lady’ – I don’t want the Element to have the same Minivan stigma from the 90’s.  Who knows? I personally see me and Jacob in drop top but that’s just me.  It’s funny because I always shy away from guys with ‘fancy’ cars because I know he probably won’t take a muddy/wet Jacob and me on a hike anytime soon.  I found this commercial that made me laugh: In Japan (where Honda is…

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    Soooo SAD! Photo faux pas!!!

    Went to two of the most anticipated parties in Toronto this weekend… took photos galore of gorgeous Torontonians… Went to upload them to the blog this morning only to find photo dilemma after photo dilemma… First and foremost; NEVER lose an Olympus camera’s USB cable because “GOOD LUCK” if you think you’ll be able to find another one that fits… IT’S NOT A UNIVERSAL SIZE & neither is the only memory card that’s compatible with it! So (two hubs & a flea market later) I decided I would take logical option number two; burn to disc at blacks… and that went fine… except for the fact that when I got…

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    Men in Suits, Women in Dresses

    Creativity was one thing that was definitely NOT lacking last night at Men in Suits, Women in Dresses Part VI, presented by Maxamus. The best of the evening were colourful, classy and some DIY’s ^_^ Check it out: Super cute DIY vintage dress turned bodacious No better accessory than a killer smile white cardigan *like! red frames what! Gorgeous & classic Maxi dresses are understated and always beautiful and then there were the rest of them… lmao

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    Red Sunglasses

    There is something about sunglasses that really add that pow to your summer outfit. Besides adding mystery, rock star quality and blocking UV rays – sunglasses really allow you to check guys out without them ever knowing. Red sunglasses are the ish this summer. Red can mean so many things, you can use the color red to grab attention and to get people to take action. Use red when you don’t want to sink into the background. Use red to suggest speed combined with confidence and perhaps even a dash of danger. A little bit of red goes a long way. Small doses can often be more effective than large…