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    Ways Social Media can help sites like Online Casinos

    Like any other type of business, the big online casino companies are always on the look out for new ways of attracting potential customers to try out their services, and one of the options available is to make use of social media websites. As smart businesses are discovering, social media like Twitter or Facebook, offer ways of getting information to their target demographics that are much faster, more direct and cost-effective, than the traditional marketing strategies – meaning it would be crazy for online casinos not to take advantage of this.


    Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media platforms around, but they are the most popular and widely used, with literally millions around the globe regularly using both. Online casino sites like JackpotCity.co.uk are not the only companies looking to benefit from this, but they have the benefit that the internet-based nature of their services, means that people who use them are accustomed to the online world. This makes them far more likely to be amongst those using social media in the first place. One example of how social media can help online casinos is that positive feedback provided by users of a casino site, left on either the official Twitter feed or Facebook page can be exploited in word-of-mouth marketing.


    Indeed sometimes these links actually allow someone to directly invite a friend to try out a favourite online casino which, if accepted, immediately takes the this friend to the site. The apps provided by Facebook also allow casino sites, and other businesses, to provide short-cut links from their page on the site to their actual business page. Finally, there is the fact that social media allows companies to speak to their customers, solicit feedback and promote services and offers, without it costing any money – making it a real alternative to some traditional means of marketing for forward-thinking companies like the average online casino.