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    Better sleep options with @coyuchi

    Do you know what you sleep in?

    Coyuchi is the first company to bring you organic bedding in the US! Choose from many different eco-friendly and natural bedding options for a better sleep.

    Granite Peak CollectionIsland Light Collection

    Their signature bedding is made of 100% certified organic cotton and they also have bath linens and baby items. Other materials include linen, cashmere, and pure, natural fibers.

    “Anything wrinkle-free has added polyester or is coated with chemical resin,” says Karyn Barsa, CEO of Coyuchi. “Also, skip super high thread counts: The thin threads may be strengthened with—you guessed it—more chemicals. Organic cotton, by contrast, simply softens over time, and generally lasts longer.”

    Morning Sunshine CollectionWoodland Walk Collection

    Be comfortable & healthy in your home with Coyuchi!

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