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    Event LOVE: @ABChome Beauty Wellness and Wisdom

    Guest post by Vaitari Anderson

    What an amazing event!  Last week, we were invited to attend a Saturday of Beauty, Wellness and Wisdom at Union Square’s massive ABC Carpet and Home. Since Yvonne was away for business, I offered to attend in her place and I did not know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived!

    Immediately, I was offered Laughing Man Coffee and Tea, which I indulged in quite a few cups of amazing chamomile tea from the brand.  Then, I had the opportunity to sit down and listen as Deepak Chopra walked us through lyrics and a visual presentation of Michael Jackson’s voice created before Michael passed.  The lyrics were going to be for a type of “Earth Song 2” – very whimsical,  related to mother nature and the wonder of imagination.  Deepak then read a quick meditation. Afterwards, I had to take the opportunity to meet him and get a quick photo!


    The next speaker is now a new hero of mine, Horst Rechelbacher who is the founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients. He spoke to our daily ritual of beauty products and what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it.  He focused on explaining that what we put on our body should be digestible or of nutritious value.  He situated the Intelligent Nutrients headquarters in Minnesota where they have a true organic farm and have created a mini ecosystem complete with animals to develop natural and healthy products.  Intelligent Nutrients is a brand that is non-profit and takes the responsibility of providing consumers with products that will not harm them in any way.  I personally found it hard when you go shopping for products to figure out what is “really” organic and will not harm your body. Intelligent Nutrients is a brand you can rest assured is tested to the highest of high standards for beauty products that are non-harmful to your body.  I would love to go to their farm and experience a tour there next time I am in the Midwest!


    We were then treated to Organic Avenue smoothies and juice, which if you live in NYC and have had the chance to taste them know they are amazing!  I tried a green juice with chia seed as I have never tasted a juice with chia seed in it and I was hooked!


    The other outstanding talk that I would like to mention was with Dr. Frank Lipman.  He touched on the removal of harmful foods that we eat many times not knowing they are harmful.  In addition, he believes in the mindset that our bodies can heal themselves if we treat them properly and give them the correct sustenance to do so.  He has studied medicine in China, India and the States and from his experience has created a functional medicine practice.  He spoke and answered many questions pertaining to such topics as dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol etc.


    Between talks many women met with Tracie Martyn for lifting skin care secrets and Tata Harper for mini facials. Makeovers by Rose Marie Swift, essential oil demonstrations by H.Gillerman Organics and consultations by Arcona Spa also took place. Also, Wei of Chocolate and Raaka Chocolate was available to sample throughout the entire day.  In addition, media and online press were given a goody bag full of products from Intelligent Nutrients, Wei Chocolates and Essential Oils and more organic and health conscious brands.

    All in all it was an amazing and enlightening day that I was happy to have the opportunity to attend.  I would suggest anyone into learning a bit more about wellness and health check out ABC Home’s future events.  Especially when they bring Horst Rechelbacher back from Intelligent Nutrients to have an entire event based on their methodologies.

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