• Las Vegas

    Holiday Wish List

    My shop on Etsy is now live and if you are looking for some awesome unique gifts for holiday, make sure you stop by and see what I have in store. There are cute kitchen utensils such as the Totoro Hot Chocolate Spoon, the Squirrel Spatula and the Chirping Birdie Ceramic Knife too!

  • New York

    Holiday Gifts for Mom

    My mom is a typical Chinese mom!  And buying gifts for her always require creative, innovative solutions… Don’t know what I mean? See this cartoon below: Moms don’t really need anything – They just want to know that you are alright and have everything you need! So buying a gift is a real challenge! But there are a few things my mom will never say no to and technically it is not a ‘waste’. So here they are! Awesome holiday gifts for your mom, aunt or grandma this Christmas. 1. Skincare – VOLANTÉ Skincare. Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer created VOLANTÉ Skincare under the philosophy that skin should be given the same…

  • My Dog Jacob

    10 Must Have Gifts for Pet Lovers

    1. Silent & Unique Identification with the Twigo Pet ID Tag www.twigotags.com 2. Keep the Pet, Lose the Smell! Critter Zone now has an air purifier you can plug into your car for clean air on the go – for you and the cat and the stink bombs. Great for the hotel room too.  http://critterzoneusa.com/ 3. Stay Calm & Bark (or Meow) On! BH Pet Gear just released the AKC Calming Coat & Calm Cat this Spring to ease your pet’s anxiety from Thunderstorms or other loud noises you may encounter along the way.  http://www.calm-coat.com/ 4. New Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy by CYNJO.com called the Foobler! Click here to check…

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  • WorldWide

    A Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays: Grooming with @TheArtofShaving

    A Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays is here.  This special feature showcases my top holiday gift ideas of the year.  Take it from me– I’m a dude, and I keep it classy like Ron Burgundy.  It’s my mission to help guide you through the madness of the holiday season with a collection of simple, manly, and sophisticated products for the gentlemen in your life. In this first of a series of posts, I’d like to dispel any rumors about men not enjoying pampering.  The reality is- grooming feels awesome and, in the case of many men, you feel like a king.  That said, I’d like to introduce The 4 Elements of…

  • WorldWide

    On the SIXTH day of Christmas…@ThompsonFerrier

    Giving a Thompson Ferrier candle, from his newly launched line, is like giving a dose of luxury–for under $50! I had the pleasure of taking home a candle in Kashmiri Spice ($48), which emitted a comforting aroma of spicy chai, vanilla, ginger root, nutmeg, cinnamon bark and black tea, which lingers long after the wick is extinguished. The hand-poured candle comes in a luxurious, gold pouch.   The line feature candles in a variety of shapes and fragrances (from $15-68) www.thompsonferrier.com xoxo, Olisa