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    Jasmine Seven Makes Your Daily Life A little Easier… with More Time to Enjoy Life’s Magical Moments

    Ready for a Sunday and some much needed self-care.
    Good books, sunlight, comfy chair, and quick self care.

    Life is magical. Let’s make time to enjoy it.

    Jasmine Seven LLC is family-owned and operated in Rhode Island, USA. They focus on providing solutions for active families to make life a little easier. Jasmine Seven chooses natural ingredients, is environmentally conscious, and strives to reduce the footprint. They always look to better our world and each other.

    Yoga Wipes for Body and Mat – Natural Lavender and Tea Tree

    Jasmine Seven’s Yoga Wipes are uniquely formulated for your body and mat. The unique formula includes lavender to calm your soul and soothe your skin, while the Tea Tree cleanses and refreshes. With natural ingredients including Aloe and Vitamin E, these wipes have NO parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. This canister of 45 wet-wipes has a re-sealable lid to keep wipes fresher longer.

    For adults and kids, Jasmine Seven Yoga Wipes are a wonderful experience – whether for yoga or anytime to cleanse and relax. Keep them at home, in the car, and in your gym bag.

    Key Features:

    • Yoga Wipes are formulated for your body and mat
    • 45 Wet Wipes in a Resealable Canister
    • Lavender and Tea Tree with Aloe + Vitamin E, Alcohol Free
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Soothing & Refreshing

    Fresh Feet Wipes – Peppermint Wet Wipes in Resealable Canister

    Jasmine Seven’s Fresh Feet Wipes are formulated for your feet with natural ingredients. These wipes are the perfect size and strength for your feet with the right saturation and ingredients to easily clean.

    For adults and kids, Fresh Feet Wipes are essential for summer and flip-flop season! Keep them at home, in the car, and in your gym bag. Use them after a day in your flip-flops, sneakers and boots or a night in your heels. Use them before crawling up on the couch or getting in bed. Keep your carpets, couches, and sheets cleaner. Also great for diabetic foot care. You can use Fresh Feet Wipes any time of day to refresh and clean your feet.

    Shoe Horns for Kids

    Jasmine Seven’s Shoe Horns for Kids are an easy solution to your daily struggles. Whether it’s putting on sneakers or fancy dress shoes, these shoe horns are designed for kid’s feet with smooth edges. Start using these colorful shoe horns with your young toddler and soon they will be able to put their shoes on all by themselves! Also reduce frustration with your tweens and teens as they run out the door.

    Jasmine Seven’s Shoe Horns for Kids are essential year-round. Keep them at home and in the car. The top loop makes it easy to hang in your entry or mudroom. Stick them in your bags for sports, dance, gymnastics, and any activity using sneakers, cleats, or slip-on shoes.

    • Infants and Toddlers: Those darn stiff fancy shoes! Running off to an event and trying to shove and squish that little foot into a stiff shoe? Struggle no longer with our simple tool. These smooth edges and bright colors help you put those little heels perfectly into those stiff shoes without tears, frustration, or breaking your nails and ruining your nail polish!
    • Toddlers: Teach independence at an early age by teaching them to use a shoe horn. Toddlers learn coordination and dexterity using a shoe horn independently. The bright colors and patterns for kids give them ownership of their shoe horn so they can do it all by themselves! They will be so proud!
    • Tweens and Teens: Are the words, “Hurry up, it’s time to go!” common in your house? Calm the rush having our handy shoe horns available to get out the door faster with less frustration.
    • The whole family: The perfect solution for active families. Adults can use them, too! Whether it’s Mom heading to cardio tennis, Dad to golf, Kids to soccer, baseball, recitals, and more.
    • Great gift idea: For your grandchildren, children, and friends. Perfect stocking stuffer!

    Xtri Bike Wipes

    Jasmine Seven’s Xtri Bike Wipes are the perfect degreasing solution! Naturally clean your hands, bicycles, and body quickly and safely. These resealable canister of 45 wet wipes will stay fresh in your house, garage, car, or travel case. The unique formula works wonders on grease, which means you spend less time cleaning and more time riding! Developed by 36-time Ironman (7-time Hawaii Ironman) finisher, Vinu Malik, these wipes have passed the test when it comes to endurance sports.

    Jasmine Seven has product-tested their wipes on road bikes, beach cruisers, kids bikes, motorcycles, and the peloton. They are a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning up after messy projects! Tested by professional, recreational, and novice cyclists alike. Great for people who bike on a peloton. Great Father’s Day Gift for Dad! Surprisingly easy and effective. All Nature amazingly effective degreasing for your hands, body, and bike. Works for lots of greasing things like lawn mowers, stoves, and just about anything you keep in your garage. great gift for cyclists, bike enthusiasts, families, peloton riders, and more.

    Jasmine Seven Wipes are the perfect solution for active families.
    Jasmine Seven uses natural ingredients ~ No parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.
    Visit https://www.jasmineseven.com/ for more information.