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    Kristen Jongen

    I was in the Denver airport last week and found the cutest and most inspirational art work by Kristen Jongen. I loved her stuff so much that I bought her book, Growing Wings, for my sister. Jongon’s art work is so raw with emotions that it makes me want to laugh, cry and hug her all at the same time. Here is a true artist who is brave. She not only digs deep but also reflects all every aspect of her life to product beautiful pieces like these. Kristen currently lives in Northern Michigan with her three children, Anya, Mia and Van. Soul Soup is her website and this is a great present for anyone going through a tough time in their life. She is brutal honest, amazingly introspective and her work speaks volumes. I appreciate her work because I identify with tough transitions and the eternal optimism she radiates.

    Everyone can always use a lift!

    The piece that really caught my eye and may inspire my next tattoo is one of a bird and it says,

    I won’t die with my song inside of me.


    loves it. Check out more Kristen Jongen here