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    Hong Kong Day 1

    I arrived in Hong Kong bright and early Sunday at 5am and tried to really make a full day out of it. I met up with my friend Dee (Yogi and health blogger) and Silky (Anesthesiologist here in HK and friend from grade school). I walked around Mong Kok, went to Causeway Bay, had sushi, shopped, walked, took the MTC, got my hair cut at Hair DO and even got some Sweet Mochi, bubble tea and snacks.   I passed out at 10pm finally and was proud of myself with no jetlag whatsoever!   Today I am working in Kowloon in the office and tomorrow I will be presenting social media strategy!  It will be awesome. Here are some great HK finds I sleepily discovered.

    I am here til Saturday so hopefully I can do a bit of damage and get some cool awesomeness to take back to Brooklyn!!

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