Medusa: Looks that Kill

My biggest concern when it comes to different brands of makeup is the quality of the pigment. Most drugstore brands are low in pigment: it looks like peacock blue in the case but it looks like pigeon poo on your hand. You get my drift. I jumped on the mineral makeup train back in 2007 and have been using it as part of my daily routine. Mineral makeup is 100% pigment and the magic ingredient… mica! Some of my favorite mineral brands include id bare minerals, micabella and now Medusa!

medusa eye dust

The first time I came across Medusa’s Make Up was at the Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas in August 2008. Since then, I have seen it featured on numerous magazines and blogs. They must be doing something right! With names like Blue Balls, Wasabi, Jailbait & Blow… This brand is speaking to the clubgo-er, the trendsetter, the real mccoy of the fashion scene – and it’s mineral!

How to get GaGa’s look?

Well, you can do it with Medusa’s eye dust. Check the tutorial.

Inspiration: Lady GaGa Sexy HOT Pink Eye Make Up! Medusa’s Make Up Pressed Eye Dusts – Ben Nye from TwixtBetwixt on Vimeo.

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