About Yvonne

Welcome to HeyDoYou Blog! I started blogging in 2007 before it was a ‘thing’ to keep in touch with my friends and family while I traveled abroad. My sister had moved to Alberta and I was still in Toronto at the time. I wrote about events, dogs, fashion trends, and all my introspective thoughts as a 20 something living in a downtown metropolis in Canada.  My content is lifestyle focused, my readers are cute, clever and connected. My blog has grown with me when I moved to LA at the age of 25 to pursue my postgraduate degree at FIDM for Beauty Industry Marketing. If you have followed my journey on social media, you would know that I moved to New York City on Halloween 2009! I worked for a Beauty Public Relations firm, starting up their social media department; offering my expertise on content creation and how to best talk to bloggers and influencers like myself.

Living in the Big Apple was the most incredible and pivotal point in my professional life. During my 5 years there, I worked with international fashion and beauty brands in Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Seoul, Canada, and lifestyle brands cross country to cities like Detroit, San Francisco, and Chicago.  It’s hard to believe but in New York, a city of 18 million people,  I met the one man who would become my husband. We tied the knot at Brooklyn City Hall on a rainy day in 2013, I wore a vintage blue dress and our friend made us our wedding cake.

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In 2014, I created Come Clean Pop Culture Soap – bright, transparent, vegan glycerin soap with a collectible toy embedded inside, by hand. My products sold to 60 stores worldwide including Colette, Le Bon Marche, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales. I hand-poured all the soaps in my Soho loft and decided to move to the West Coast.

My husband and I chose Las Vegas to be our new home and I continued my soap business until 2018. After making over 100,000 bars of soap, we were inspired and ready for our next creative venture in our new home in the desert. I became a mom to our beautiful little Niko after Christmas and before the New Year that same year.

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As a mommy now, I am still navigating the world of mom blogging, indoor playground, toddler crafts, toy reviews, and most importantly, creating a community for new moms like myself.  June of COVID summer, I created Tiny Hikes and Adventures Playgroup – a group dedicated to toddler-friendly activities in the diverse city of Las Vegas.  As a long time blogger, I am not only an influencer online but also in real life. I have taken all my experiences in work, life, and travel to create an impactful and inspiring experience for all those I meet, especially my new little friends.  Thank you for being on this adventure with me and my family grow ‘all the way up’!

Blogging for posterity,

Yvonne Kai Anderson, September 2020

If you are a brand and would like to collaborate, please email me yvonne@heydoyou.com