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    Start Your Week with Good Vibes + Glowing Skin!

    Mantra CBD Sheet Masks contain the highest quality CBD to enhance your skin. This series of specialty CBD sheet masks are designed to penetrate your skin and target the special needs of your complexion. CBD applied topically reduces redness and inflammation and can help with skin conditions such as rosacea, rashes, irritation, and acne. The anti-inflammatory benefits of this natural addition to skin care have been well researched and well documented, and even those with dry skin can enjoy CBD skin care as Mantra Masks are developed to include emollient oils that enhance dry skin. Mantra Masks use ingredients straight from nature to create CBD sheet masks that are not…

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    It’s Always A Fun Time When You Have Little Lady by Your Side

    Founded by mom-preneur and cosmetic manufacturing expert Arda Tashdjian, Little Lady Products are premium nail polishes that are safe for kids, 7-toxin free, and made to spark imagination, dress up, and play. Designed with help from Tashdjian’s own kids, Little Lady Products are available in a spectrum of quick-dry colors and kid-approved “matching” scents, each topped with a child-sized wearable pink or blue bow ring to complete the “minicure.” Little Lady Products nail polishes each have their own distinct scent, lasting a few days as does the nail polish itself. They are also vegan and animal cruelty-free. Each bottle of nail polish includes a cute and charming bow ring. Once…

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    Create beautifully embroidered art pieces featuring past and present female icons with Empowered Embroidery

    With Art Makers: Empowered Embroidery, learn to sketch and stitch strong, recognizable women from all walks of life. Featuring sketching and illustration instructions, basic stitches, embroidery techniques, and 6 projects with portraits of famous women (Maya Angelou, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, Michello Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Harriet Tubman), this book is a must-have tool for hands-on artists and crafters. If you’re a beginning embroiderer, start with the basic stitches and embroidery instructions at the beginning of the book. Essential tools, warm-up exercises, tips for embroidering facial features and hair, and general information on embroidery will give you the know-how you need to get started. Sketch This is when you begin to put the ideas on paper…

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    Keep Your Skin Hydrated Over Fall with Facial Lounge

    Nontoxic skincare is the way of the future! Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body! Facial Lounge is nestled in famed Corona del Mar, California: “perched above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.” A luxurious, custom-designed setting by Laura Brophy Interiors, the bungalow is inspired by the spirit of its founder, expert esthetician/mompreneur Amber Rose Johnson. Relax in a rejuvenating atmosphere perfect for recharging “so you can face the world beautifully.” Specializing in the custom vegan facial that delivers a true one-of-a-kind treatment, the Facial Lounge has empowered clients to discover their best skin for over 20 years. With a holistic approach that combines Johnson’s 25-plus…

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    Children’s Book About Adoption & Inclusion

    This November is National Adoption month, a month set aside to raise awareness about the urgent need for adoptive families for children and youth in foster care. We would like to share with you a book that can help foster conversations about adoption with your family. A Crocodile in the Family is a touching and heartwarming picture book about adoption, acceptance, and inclusion. This is a charming children’s story about a family of birds who stumble across a lone egg in the Australian bush. After taking it home to care for the egg themselves, they discover it’s actually a baby crocodile! The bird family raises the baby crocodile as one of their own,…

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    Cozy with Pat Pat

    When something online seems too good to be true, you have to check with your friends! I am that friend to tell you that Patpat is legit. All the clothes on that site are high quality, stylish, cute and comfy! Yesterday was our orchard field trip and first cold day in Vegas! I was so excited to get Niko to try his new coat our friends at Pat Pat sent over to us! He is wearing a size 4T. This jacket is fleeced lined, lightweight and warm. Back to school and cool Fall weather means it’s back to the wardrobe drawing board and time to discover PatPat.com and their easy to use…