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    12 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers by Rocky Parker

    Kicking it back into high gear after the holidays can be a challenge, not least of all for journalists and bloggers. Many writers are feeling overwhelmed and likely burned out from a hectic year in the media. It’s not the best mindset in which to begin the new year.

    But setting some new year’s resolutions can be a great way to get off on the right foot. Whether you’re back in the office or still working from home, working for a large publisher or starting your own freelance journey, these resolutions for writers can help freshen up your writing and your routine.

    Before you decide on the specific goals, though, it’s important to understand what’s doable for you and what you believe you can handle. Toastmasters recently shared some helpful goal-setting tips to help you achieve your resolutions.

    Once you’re ready to make specific, actionable goals, check out these ideas for inspiration.

    1. Add more diversity to your sources

    Improving the diversity of sources in your stories allows you to present a more fair and complete picture and ensure your story is relevant to your audiences. If it’s not a company initiative, make it a personal one. NiemanLab offers four tips for improving your source diversity:

    • Broaden your definition of what makes an expert.
    • Build relationships before you need sources.
    • Let them know what to expect.
    • Practice cultural competence.

    And while you’re ensuring your sources are more diverse, it’s also important to make sure your content is accessible to a wide audience. Here are some tips to make your content more accessible.

    Tip: Need to connect with subject matter experts for your next story? Fill out a ProfNet query form to get matched with relevant sources. Here are some experts that recently made themselves available to reporters.

    2. Try a new medium

    Creating content in a different way can help you see the story from a new angle, appeal to a different audience, and learn a new skill. Switch it up this year and make (or guest-spot on) a podcast. Have a post that would be best with some sort of visual element? Use one of these tools to create an eye-catching video or infographic for your social media profiles or blog. Always write long-form posts? Have fun with a shorter listicle, Q&A, or how-to article.

    3. Use a new tool or app

    There’s an app for everything, right? Make a goal to try out a different app or online tool to help make your day-to-day easier. Check out this list of our favorite tools, which includes options to help with brainstorming, social media, multimedia creation, organization, and writing.

    4. Write something different

    Feeling burned out with writing about COVID-19, politics, or Twitter drama? Give yourself a break and try writing a story for a different beat. If that’s not an option, get creative and use writing prompts to practice writing short stories, poetry, or even a nonfiction novel. It could be a nice way to flex those creative writing muscles, which maybe haven’t seen the light of day in a while.

    5. Refresh your workspace

    The pandemic taught us that switching up our work environment can be a welcome change. If you’re working from home permanently, make a goal this year to reconfigure your desk, work from a different room several days a week, or try working outside. If you need to get out of the house, work from a local café or library.

    If you’re unable to physically change your work location, just changing the sounds in your space can have a positive impact. This site has a massive library of background noises to boost your productivity and transport you somewhere else.

    6. Learn to code

    Having at least a basic knowledge of coding has multiple benefits for journalists, but many aren’t taught about it in school. Not only is it an in-demand skill for employers, but an understanding of coding can give journalists more independence in their work and improve their abilities to uncover unique stories.

    Set a goal this year to boost your skills in coding.

    7. Take a social media break

    At this point, who isn’t burned out on social media? If you’re making goals this year that revolve around your mental health, make a resolution to set aside some time when those social media notifications won’t be a distraction. Whether it’s certain times of the day, days of the week, or even taking an extended break from social media (if doable with your job), quieting that noise can be hugely beneficial.

    8. Let that project go

    Sometimes you need to realize that a project just isn’t for you anymore and it’s time to say goodbye. But don’t consider it a failure. Occasionally, the story just doesn’t come together and it’s best to move on to another project.

    9. Attend a workshop or conference

    It’s easy to get stuck in our ways and get too comfortable. Attending a workshop or conference can be a great way to learn skills in a new area, network with industry experts and fellow writers, and improve your writing. The good news is there’s a conference for just about everything – and many are still offering virtual options if travel isn’t in the cards (or budget). Plan ahead and check out these upcoming events for journalists and bloggers.

    Are you hosting an upcoming webinar or conference perfect for journalists and bloggers? Let the team know.

    10. Upgrade your tech

    A new monitor, keyboard, or mouse can make a bigger difference than you’d think. If your monitor’s been straining your eyes, your chair’s been hurting your back, or your mouse has been hurting your hand/wrist, it can have negative impacts on your mood and work, not to mention your health. Make a goal to splurge (if you’re a freelancer) or put in a request with work to upgrade your workstation.

    11. Work the climate crisis into your writing

    You may not write for a climate or environment beat, but in some way or another, the climate crisis is sure to impact the industry you cover. Publishers are boosting climate coverage and the content is attracting more interest from advertisers, so it needs to be on your radar. Make a goal for 2023 to look at the bigger picture and factor in the climate crisis and its effects into your content.

    Looking for Environmental, Social & Governance news? We’ve got you covered.

    12. Don’t make resolutions

    Yes, you may have come to this post in search of a goal for the year, but we feel this one is necessary to mention. Resolutions don’t work for everyone, and that’s OK. Resolutions can create anxiety and feelings of guilt if they don’t quite work out the way we thought they would.

    And after several years of stress, maybe giving yourself yet another task to accomplish isn’t what’s best for you. Perhaps just taking the year (and its challenges) as they come and continuing to just do you is what’s going to lead to the best 2023.

    Go back to the goal-setting tips we mentioned at the beginning of this post and decide what’s doable for you.


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    5 ‘Picture Perfect’ Valentine’s Day Home Design Ideas told by Award-Winning Interior Designer, Debbie Travin

    They say, “cupid knows best,” but Debbie Travin knows better 😉. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Debbie shares some top tips for setting a picture-perfect romance from scratch – in your backyard!

    The ideas for Valentine’s day seem to be plain and repetitive – you could always take your date to a nice dinner and then a movie, or, perhaps you want to cook at home and rent a movie – but who wants to be ordinary?

    Enter Debbie, here to help you raise the bar with your Valentine’s Day date and come up with something completely different that will be romantic, memorable, and appreciated.

    Not sure where to start?

    1. FLORAL FANTASY: Leave a trail of rose petals on the way to your backyard fantasy. Add a beautiful bouquet of pink, red, and rose gold flowers on the table as a V-Day centerpiece
    2. FILL THE AIR WITH LOVE:  Nothing says romance like a traditional candlelit dinner. Indulge in scents such as vanilla, rose, or lavender to match the V-Day mood. Don’t be afraid of going over the top… Add lots of white and votive candles on the table and take it a step further by decorating your entire outside space!
    3. SPLURGE ON ROMANTIC TABLEWARE: A heavenly Valentine’s Day table setting is brought to us with silver and white fine China, stemware, wine glasses, and cloth napkins — be sure to add a hint of rose petals for the finishing touch!
    4. CREATE A LOUNGE-LIKE ATOMOSPHERE: Incorporate large white chairs with comfortable cushioning, while experiencing a real “Pinterest” like daydream
    5. CURATE A COZY DINNER FOR TWO: Now is the time to splurge on a high-end bubbly champagne for your significant other. Let’s face it, they deserve it! Pour some drinks and start your meal off with a heart-shaped charcuterie board followed by a creamy lobster risotto. End the dining experience in feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries accompanied by a light raspberry sorbet. It’s sure to leave your other half smitten!

    With decades of experience designing custom luxury homes for discerning clientele across the states, Debbie and her award-winning design team DLT Interiors,  curates fresh, stylish, and modern interiors mixed with classic elegance to create a timeless aesthetic.

  • Art,  Los Angeles

    18th Street Arts Center Launches Innovative Statewide Arts Project to Advance the Well-being of California Communities

    18th Street Arts Center (18SAC) has been awarded $3.3 million by the California Arts Council as one of 14 administering agencies for its California Creative Corps (CCC) program. The 35 year-old Santa Monica organization is one of only three agencies chosen to conduct CCC projects statewide.

    The project design leverages the organization’s decades-long experience in activating place-based arts and cultural strategies as exemplified in its Culture Mapping 90404 project, which documented the rich history and culture assets of the 90404 ZIP code in Santa Monica.

    With 90404, 18SAC commissioned artists to create work informed by the culture map; resulting in performances, exhibitions, murals and public art, a film, walking tours and a local artisan collective. The iconic neighborhood project demonstrates how applying place-based arts practices drive community cohesion and inform public policy.

    “Our experience in empowering artists to do creative civic engagement work in the communities in which they live is that they have a unique ability to create trust among neighbors—a sense of belonging where people become oriented toward the common good. It’s hard for government agencies to achieve the same results,” said Jan Williamson, 18th Street Arts Center Executive Director.

    18th Street Arts Center California Creative Corps Project is now calling for applications from California artists and culture bearers interested in developing meaningful arts and culture projects in communities located within Quartile 1 ZIP codes of the California Healthy Places Index (HPI).

    Forty artists from across the state will be selected for further project refinement and will receive professional coaching to compose their full project concept and budget, along with a $1,000 stipend. Eighteen projects will be selected for support and funding.

    Each of the final eighteen artists will receive a year-long salary of $65,000, medical and dental insurance, the option to join 18th Street Art Center’s SIMPLE IRA plan with employer match and production costs for their community art project from July 2023 – July 2024.

    In addition to fostering community well-being, the selected artists will generate knowledge and media assets to contribute to a statewide California Culture Map. The culture map generated by 18th Street Arts Center California Creative Corps will provide the context to inform public policy and accelerate solutions to community needs. 18th Street Arts Center believes culture mapping is essential infrastructure for successful collaboration between arts and culture producers and community leaders seeking to foster well-being.

    Artists interested in further details and applying should visit: 18thstreet.org/californiacreativecorps.

    About 18th Street Arts Center

    18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA has been fueling the impact of artists on society since 1988. Conceived as a radical think tank in the shape of an artist community, we are a globally recognized catalyst for deploying artistic imagination to meet society’s needs. We curate projects where artists and the public directly engage in creating experiences and partnerships that foster positive social change. 18thstreet.org

    About California Creative Corps

    California Creative Corps is a pilot program funded by the California Arts Council as an engagement campaign designed to increase public awareness about issues of public health, water and energy conservation, civic engagement, social justice, and more. https://arts.ca.gov

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    Vegan Food Tech Company Launches Meltable American Slices

    Cutting-edge global food tech company, Armored Fresh, announces the consumer launch of ‘Almond Milk American Slices,’ their latest innovation in zero-dairy, plant-based cheese. ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ marks the company’s second product launch, which is available through retail distribution in more than 100 NYC regional supermarkets including Key Foods, Met Fresh, C Town, City Acres, & Associated stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. To announce the launch, Armored Fresh has unveiled its latest billboard on 49th Street and Broadway.

    Using their proprietary world-changing technology and plant-based ingredients, Armored Fresh’s ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ replicates animal proteins found in dairy, resulting in a delicious cheese that duplicates the aroma, texture, and flavor of their dairy counterparts. Armored Fresh developed a process that allows for their ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ to have the perfect melting properties, a characteristic that is long considered technically difficult to achieve with vegan cheese. Through their cutting-edge innovation, Armored Fresh has improved on the texture that challenges other plant-based cheese brands.

    “We are very excited to introduce our ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ to the U.S. market. At Armored Fresh, we believe we can make a great impact through plant-based food that is delicious,” says Rudy Yoo, Armored Fresh Founder & CEO. “Through extensive development and testing, we created zero-dairy cheese slices that is also zero-sacrifice. We’re confident people will love the taste.”

    Armored Fresh’s plant-based cheese is made using an innovative technique that mimics the process of creating dairy cheese, substituting almond milk and plant-based lactic acid. This gives Armored Fresh’s cheese a soft texture comparable to that of regular cheese and its characteristic fragrant flavor. The addition of ‘Key-mix,’ infuses nutrients to create a healthy, plant-based cheese that is also zero cholesterol, zero GMO, and zero gluten.

    Armored Fresh recently showcased their ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ at the Food Tech section of CES 2023, the world’s largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition. The company made their U.S. debut in October 2022 with plant-based cheese cubes after raising $23 million in Series Pre-B funding. The company has plans to expand nationally and will launch ‘Almond Milk Cubes’ & ‘Almond Milk American Slices’ on www.ArmoredFresh.com & Amazon in March 2023. For more information, please visit their website.

  • Miami

    The Lizzie Padro Group is excited to welcome NoMad Residences to Wynwood!

    Units starting at $600K
    allowing short-term rentals & AirBNB
    Residences Features
    • Fully finished and furnished, creatively curated by NoMad and the award-winning DesignAgency Studios
    • Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors
    • 9ft ceilings
    • Private balconies in all residences
    • Streamlined modern kitchens with Bosch appliances and stone countertops
    • Top-of-the-line in-unit washer and dryer
    • Imported Italian-designed cabinetry and woodwork
    • Expansive spa showers with brass fixtures in bathrooms
    Building Amenities
    • Globally-acclaimed NoMad curation and design.
    • Rooftop Nomad Restaurant & Bar
    • Full service rooftop pool, sundecks and cabanas
    • 24 hour Concierge with metering service, building security and controlled property access
    • Two expansive lobbies and retail spaces.
    • 24/7 valet parking and in-building garage
    • Extensive Library and Co-working Space with high-speed Internet, conference rooms
    • Top Tier fully equipped Fitness Center and wellness center, with dedicated outdoor fitness lawns
    • Museum-quality Art
    • Grilling area and outdoor cinema
    • Bicycle Storage
    • In-residence cuisine delivered on demand
    • Dedicated guest check-in services
    • Privately controlled elevator access
    • Smart climate control
    • Private storage on residential floors
    • Pet-friendly
    • On-site world-renowned 13,000 sq ft Casa Tua Cucina on ground floor
    • Electric car charging stations
    • On-demand full housekeeping services
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    Fleet Clubs: Private Aviation, Travel Sustainability, Luxury, and White Glove All in One

    With the new craze of transitioning from private planes to private memberships on the horizon, introducing a unique new business membership model that is taking the country by storm — Fleet Clubs.

    Fleet Clubs services passengers in a first-class Boeing 737 jumbo jet containing 60 forward-facing seats. Its sister company has had tremendous success with sold-out routes from California to Hawaii and a new service from Los Angeles to Cabo (which also sold out in three weeks).

    Now the new offshoot Fleet Clubs is launching two new routes: Miami/Eagle (Colorado) and Miami/New York.

    This expansion targets the most trafficked routes – South Florida and New York alone account for 20% of the country’s private jet movements. Committed to using Sustainable Aviation Fuels whenever possible, Fleet provides the finest hospitality in private aviation and the most environmentally responsible way to fly privately. Passengers achieve a remarkable 90% reduction in carbon vs. business jet travel and are offered various carbon offset opportunities. 

    Fleet Clubs provide 2-3 weekly round trips all year long, with annual membership packages beginning at $50,000 for 20 round trips.

    About Fleet Clubs 

    Fleet Clubs, a collection of boutique flying memberships, has introduced their newest routes providing 200 members and guests exclusive access to custom-configured Boeing 737s. The Long Island Fleet Club offers scheduled year-round service between the Signature Aviation private FBO at Miami International Airport (MIA) and the Modern Aviation FBO at Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) in New York. Eagle Fleet Club offers scheduled year-round service from the Signature Aviation private FBO at MIA and the Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) in Colorado.

    From all your business needs to leisure requirements, Fleet Clubs takes care of everything with an extra layer of luxury offering a leading crew-to-guest ratio and white-glove in-flight services. Journeys begin with door-to-door transfer services, including a fleet of chauffeur-driven Range Rovers, helicopter, and seaplanes. The Fleet Clubs is also pet friendly and allows dogs to fly onboard.

    The custom airliners feature:

    • Air purification system

    • Two by two, all first-class configuration with extra legroom seats

    • The seats have adjustable headrests and footrests

    • Loro Piana bedding in a chic hunter-green colorway

    • Venetian glassware and tableware

    • Tailored meal planning

    • Sustainable Aviation Fuels

    • Complimentary Wi-Fi

    • Elevated wine selection, including LVMH spirits portfolio