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    Immunity support + muscle wellness infused into Nirvana natural spring water.⁠ ⁠

    Sometimes life moves pretty fast. Nirvana Muscle Recovery + Immunity is here to help you keep up. Muscle Recovery + Immunity gives your body what it needs to make the most of small recovery windows, so you can keep moving with the strength and health when life doesn’t give you a break.⁠

    NIRVANA MUSCLE RECOVERY + IMMUNITY SUPPORT is the only natural spring water infused with HMB and Vitamin D3 for enhanced muscle recovery and stronger immunity. It is enhanced with Vitamin D3, which can boost immunity, strengthen bones and muscles to withstand activity, exercise, or strength training. Nirvana premium spring water is also the only water infused with the multi-patented myHMB Clear, providing muscle health and wellness benefits that no other water can deliver. Enjoy chilled!

    Nirvana HMB bottled spring water contains proprietary and patented water-soluble myHMB Clear that helps decrease muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis. Sourced fresh from five natural springs, and fed by two ice age aquifers that rush beneath 1,700 acres of protected wilderness. Nirvana spring water is clear, pure, and untouched by human hands. The bottles are made on-site from 100% recycled PET. BPA-Free and BPS-Free.

    Deep in the foothills of the adirondack mountains, on 1,700 acres of protected wilderness, two ice age aquifers gush with pure and delicious spring water. This is Nirvana, and it’s now infused with exclusive, patented, science-backed formulations to improve health and wellness.

    Nirvana is immersed in the science of HMB and its benefits for Muscle Wellness. With the only patented water-soluble HMB, everybody will be staying strong drinking the best tasting water on Earth.

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    Heat Holders® Women’s (Ladies) LITE™ Base Layers will keep you warm on those cold camping days.

    Experience a cool and fun camping is always something we enjoy during the hot summer days. When we get into the deep mountain or desert at night, the temperature usually drops dramatically. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes when you pack. To avoid heavy stuffs to carry on the road, I want to introduce you my recent favorite – Heat Holders Women’s LITE™ Base Layer Top and socks.

    Consider both activity levels and temperature to determine which Heat Holders® base layer is right for you. A light weight Heat Holders® base layer can be best in extreme cold if activity levels are high. Likewise a heavier weight base layer can be best in milder temperatures if your activity levels are low.


    Choosing the perfect Heat Holders base layer

    • ULTRA LITE™: Light weight warmth ideal for everyday cold.
    • LITE™: Medium weight warmth ideal for very cold days.
    • Original: Heavy weight warmth ideal for extreme cold.

    Thick, chunky and with a massive tog rating of 2.34, women’s Heat Holders® ORIGINAL™ thickness socks are made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. With long pile cushioning, these thermal socks will help keep feet fully comfortable and supported. All styles available in multiple colors! Women’s LITE™ and ULTRA LITE™ styles also available! Browse collections of women’s thermal socks.

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    Start strong, stay motivated and push for those goals with Electrolit

    The weekend begins now. Do you kick back and relax or double down and go for your goals? We prefer the latter. Throw an Electrolit in your bag to help with those hydration needs whether you’re at the gym, feeling this summer sun or going out with friends.

    The Electrolit formula offers an optimal balance of electrolytes to prevent and treat dehydration. Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium work together to help treat your body and recover faster.

    Electrolit is clinically tested and proven to quickly rehydrate and refuel your body. After experiencing prolonged exposure to heat, excessive drinking or a common illness, Electrolit can help you replenish your electrolytes and bounce back faster so you can keep your life moving.

    HYDRATE YOUR BODY Powerful Ingredients: 4 electrolyte minerals and 6 ion sources.

    • Optimal Hydration Delivery: Well-balanced sugar and sodium ratio.
    • Natural: No preservatives or artificial colors.
    • Potassium: Avoid muscle spasms.
    • Magnesium: Prevent cramps.
    • Calcium: Helps metabolic process.
    • Sodium Lactate: Prevents acid buildup.
    • Sodium / Glucose: Essential for rehydration and recovery.
    • IONS: Allows electrolyte absorption.

    Available in a variety of flavors, this great-tasting recovery beverage uses glucose as a natural sweetener and source of energy, without any preservatives. Electrolit innovative formula hosts a combination of premium ingredients that aid in rapid recovery. Essential ingredients help with muscle spasms, acid buildup, electrolyte absorption, cramping and more.

    Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, need a morning pick-me-up after happy hour or need to hydrate after pilates, Electrolit helps fuel the fun. Electrolit is there to keep you going in the heat, after the party and post workout. Electrolit is a Mexican product manufactured by Grupo Pisa, the leading pharmaceutical Company in Latin America, with more than 70 years in the market. Produced with pharmaceutical quality grade ingredients in the most innovative manufacturing facility, with a fully automated and integrated manufacturing process.


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    High Hemp Fuzzy Peach Organic Wraps

    High Hemp is the first ever all-organic herbal wrap company, helping folks stay peachy this summer with Organic Fuzzy Peach Hemp Wraps.

    Peaches are one of the most popular fruits in the United States and each year the US grow over 1.9 billion pounds of peaches; peach trees can also produce fruit for up to 12 years. It’s no wonder that we need to have a month dedicated to these delicious treats.

    High Hemp Fuzzy Peach Organic Wraps

    • The best alternative to all the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional wraps today. You have the smooth taste, but the even slow burn of a traditional tobacco wrap.
    • High Hemp Organic Wraps is certified organic, tobacco free, GMO-free, and gluten free.
    • MSRP $35.99 for 25 pouches (2 Wraps & 2 tips per pouch)
    • To note, these hemp wraps can be used to smoke herbs (or MJ if you’re in a state where it’s legal for recreational use). Similar to rolling paper, wraps are a bit thicker, and they’re made from hemp – making them a safer alternative to traditional tobacco-based papers.



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    Summer heat Too Hot to Handle?? Not when you hydrate with Pickle Juice!

    Summer is hot and fun, that means we probably do a lot of outdoor activities. A cramp is the neurological response to a physiological problem. Whether you’re exhausted from exercise or dealing with poor circulation, Pickle Juice uses a proprietary blend that blocks the nerve signal being sent from brain to muscle. Pickle Juice is the only product on the market scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps. Pickle Juice will stop you from cramping and help you recover.

    Pickle Juice Sports Drink gives you instant relief from muscle cramps, while replenishing key electrolytes lost through athletic activity or excessive sweating. Say goodbye to murky pickle brine. The proprietary blend of organic ingredients is translucent white and focused on maximizing recovery with no non-essential additives. You don’t have to be an athlete to experience the benefits. The same mechanism that sidelines an athlete is in play for those who have nocturnal leg cramping.

    • Proprietary formula inhibits the nerve signals that cause muscle cramps, keeping you on the road to victory
    • Formulated for endurance athletes, this pickle sports drink is also the ideal go-to for those who experience nocturnal leg cramps
    • This semi-translucent white liquid contains over 10 times the electrolytes of other sports drinks, with absolutely no added sugar, caffeine or artificial ingredients
    • Simple, organic ingredients: Dual Filtered Water, Organic Vinegar, Salt, Organic Dill Oil, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

    Ingredient list:

    Dual Filtered Water, Organic Vinegar, Salt, Organic Dill Oil, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

    Storage Recommendation:

    • No refrigeration required (though it may be refrigerated)
    • Store away from excessive heat in a cool, dry place
    • Do not freeze in original bottle (though it may be frozen in appropriate containers)
    • Recap containers – do not leave open

    Pickle Juice® has an extended shelf life of three years due to the ingredients of salt and vinegar which are natural preservatives producing a low pH.  A “Best By” date is indelibly printed on every bottle for easy reference.

    The Pickle Juice Company, LLC. has been dedicated to ensuring success in your activity of choice. Since 2001, they have had the privilege of meeting truly great people who use the product then share their success with others. It is through their loyal customers and the support of retailers that Pickle Juice® has been able to help so many.

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    Maximize Hydration with HMB-infused Water

    Nirvana’s HMB-infused water boosts muscle performance, reduces muscle recovery time, and slows muscle degradation making it the perfect drink for anyone who prioritizes health and fitness in their lives. HMB is scientifically proven to improve muscle performance, slow muscle loss due to age and disease, and decrease the recovery time from muscle injury. Even professional athletes have seen the positive effects of Nirvana HMB water, as All-Star Kyle Lowry has invested in the company. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior. Nirvana HMB is muscle wellness for everybody and every body. With the only patented water-soluble HMB, you’ll be staying strong drinking the best tasting water on Earth.

    It is best served chilled and can refresh your body after exercise!

    HMB (β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is a naturally-produced substance in your body that supports muscle health. It is derived from the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine.

    Young or old, your body is producing muscle protein and breaking down muscle protein. As we age, the rate of muscle protein breakdown begins to overtake the rate of muscle protein production. HMB slows that rate of breakdown, but it’s produced in your body in precious amounts and depletes after exercise and as you age.