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    Free your hands when you need them most with SteadyStraps

    Keep those phones safely in hand as you walk about campus with SteadyStraps! Choose how you hold onto your phone and say goodbye to sticky and unreliable adhesives. Let’s face it, we keep our phones in our hands more times than we like, so don’t risk dropping it while walking from class to class!

    SteadyStraps® started as a burst of inspiration after dropping phones way too many times. The founders of SteadyStraps thought: “There must be a better way to hold our phones!”

    As it turns out, there was! The team decided to go to the local fabric store, purchase some material, and cut it to fit their phones. It worked! SteadyStraps’ team couldn’t believe how much easier it made both holding and using their phones. When using the strap, the team hasn’t dropped their phones since that day!

    The founder’s daughter, who was riding the subway in NYC everyday, found the strap enabled her to hold her phone more securely and comfortably. She encouraged to pursue it as a business and SteadyStraps® was born!

    Every SteadyStraps is:

    • Comfortable & adjustable elastic grip
    • No adhesives
    • One-handed full screen thumb reach
    • Super thin (<1 mm) & pocket-friendly
    • 100% Wireless charging ready without removal
    • Easy on / easy off installation
    • Secured by strong Velcro® Brand fasteners
    • Washable, long-lasting, non-allergenic material
    • Straps through case’s camera & charging ports
    • Compatible with most smartphone cases
    • Sourced & Made in USA

    SteadyStraps‘ team worked hard to get the product just right. Everything is USA sourced and made. SteadyStraps custom source the elastic material, which is super slim, strong, flexible, and non-allergenic. They use Velcro® Brand hook & loop Fasteners for a secure closure. The designs are printed through a dye-sublimation process which allows the designs to stay looking great and not fade with use. SteadyStraps® Brand phone straps are washable and can be thrown in with your laundry or run under the sink for a quick rinse!

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    Happy 4th of July from San Diego Local Little Artists!

    Happy 4th of July !

    These artworks are made by Lulu’s students from US Arts Education Center in San Diego. These little artists from top left to bottom right are Bethica, Katie, Olivia, Julie, Ellen and Carol. They are only 5-8 years old. They are so talented and use their own way to celebrate 4th of July.

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    Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress support Chewables are a tasty natural way to help manage your dog’s anxiety and everyday stress

    With the 4th of July coming up, the humans will be outside enjoying the colorful explosions, while almost half of dogs will spend the festivities in fear. Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Relief Chewables provide a helpful, holistic, and healthy solution for dog anxiety. Plus, owners can feel secure in knowing that the treats are healthy, plant-based, and provide natural relief for their dogs.

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    BusyBox Sign – Enhance your space by eliminating interruptions, and staying focused. ⁠ ⁠

    Staying productive and creative can be challenging especially while doing homework. Cue BusyBox Sign, the polite way to say “leave me alone” any way you want, especially for those dorm mates. It’s a wireless status box that lets those around you know not to bother you.

    The BusyBox is amazing for glass doors and open concept offices. Without the BusyBox, it is nearly impossible to tell whether someone is available, doing light work, or in the zone without asking them. Now you can display what level of “busy” you are without worrying that someone might walk in while you’re working.

    With Digital or Standard model options, you can customize and create your own message to set the right mood. What’s more, the BusyBox Button is a simple way to control it from afar or go “hands-free” with integrations using your favorite apps such as Google Calendar or Siri for voice commands. 3 Models ranging from $129-$299, there is a BusyBox sign for different users and applications.

    • Enjoy endless hours of interruption free work. BusyBox is the best way to let people know “now is not a good time.” Spend less time being distracted, and have more time to do the things you love.
    • BusyBox is the perfect decor for your home office, recording studio, or productive sanctuary. The modern luxurious design looks amazing, and emphasizes any professional space.
    • Connect with your favorite apps to automate your BusyBox. We are adding new integrations every month. To date we have Google Calendar, Siri, & Google Assistant, done.
    • BusyBox uses a 5,000 mAh so you can enjoy weeks worth of illumination time on a full charge.
    • Take control of your BusyBox, or multiple BusyBoxes, with a simple touch. The easy to use free app allows you to choose colors, adjust LED brightness, create presets, group multiple BusyBoxes together, and integrate with other apps.
    • Simply slide in your message to let coworkers, friends, or family know what you’re doing. Messages can be easily changed by removing the cover, sliding out the old message, and sliding in the new message. BusyBox S comes with the following messages included: BUSY, LIVE, ON AIR, ON A CALL, RECORDING, DO NOT DISTURB
    • BusyBox is a US based startup. If you need support, they are there to help.

    BusyBox makes products for work-from-home professionals and create-from-home content creators. Whether you’re working remotely, jumping on video calls, streaming videos, recording a podcast, studying for finals, or just in need of some solo time, BusyBox gets you the uninterrupted space you need. They launched during the pandemic with great results but not realizing the unprecedented chip crisis was coming and, while it’s been very difficult to keep the little business running smoothly, they continue to work, continue to sell, and continue to grow. BusyBox is excited to build new products and for everyone will bring to the smart home and smart office of the future. BusyBox believes that creating a smart productivity space(s) will be the norm someday soon, along with smart kitchens, smart entertainment and smart security.

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    2022’s Best & Worst Places to Celebrate 4th of July + Two-Thirds of Americans Plan to Spend Less Money This Year – WalletHub Reports

    With 84% of Americans planning to celebrate the 4th of July this year and collective food spending for the holiday to reach $7.7 billion, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2022’s Best & Worst Places for 4th of July Celebrations, as well as accompanying videos, to go along with interesting stats about the holiday in its 4th of July Facts & Figures infographic and 4th of July Survey.

    To determine the best places to celebrate the most star-spangled occasion, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities based on how well they balance holiday cost and fun. The data set of 21 key metrics ranges from average beer and wine prices to duration of fireworks shows to the Fourth of July weather forecast.

    Best Cities to Celebrate Fourth of July
    1. San Francisco, CA 11. Miami, FL
    2. Los Angeles, CA 12. Houston, TX
    3. Washington, DC 13. Chicago, IL
    4. Atlanta, GA 14. San Antonio, TX
    5. Las Vegas, NV 15. Milwaukee, WI
    6. New York, NY 16. Cincinnati, OH
    7. San Diego, CA 17. Dallas, TX
    8. Seattle, WA 18. San Jose, CA
    9. Orlando, FL 19. Sacramento, CA
    10. New Orleans, LA 20. St. Louis, MO

    To view the full report and your city’s rank, please visit: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-4th-of-july-celebrations/4651

    4th of July Facts & Figures

    • $7.7 Billion: Amount Americans plan to spend on 4th of July food.
    • 150 Million: Number of hot dogs eaten each 4th of July.
    • $1.4+ Billion: Amount Americans plan to spend on 4th of July beer and wine.
    • $2.4+ Billion: Estimated amount spent on fireworks in 2021 (66% of fireworks injuries occur within a month of July 4).
    • $6.9 Million: Value of American flags imported annually.
    • 47.9 Million: Number of people who travel 50+ miles from home for the 4th of July.

    To view the full infographic, please visit: https://wallethub.com/blog/4th-of-july-facts/22075

    Survey Key Findings

    • Inflation is hurting celebrations. 57% of Americans say that inflation is affecting their 4th of July plans.
    • Americans support USA goods. 65% of Americans say they make an effort to buy things made in the USA.
    • Financial independence is shaky. Only 56% of Americans feel financially independent this 4th of July.
    • Summer spending is down overall. More than half of Americans will spend less money this summer than last year.
    • Saving vs. spending. 64% of Americans believe saving money is more patriotic than spending it.

    Q&A with WalletHub

    How has inflation impacted Americans’ plans for this 4th of July?

    “Two-thirds of Americans plan to spend less money on the 4th of July this year compared to last year, despite there being far fewer restrictions on gather. A big reason for this decrease in spending is rising inflation, which is causing Americans to make fewer non-essential purchases related to the holiday and to travel less,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst. “In fact, 57% of Americans say that inflation is affecting their 4th of July plans.”

    How do Americans feel about their finances this 4th of July?

    “Unfortunately, only 56% of Americans feel financially independent this 4th of July, compared to 64% last year,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst. “The country has recovered from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways, including bringing the unemployment rate close to pre-pandemic levels, but rising inflation is threatening to undo a lot of our recovery progress.”

    This 4th of July, how do Americans feel about spending versus saving money?

    “Around 64% of Americans believe that saving money is more patriotic than spending it right now, which makes sense because many people had their savings wiped out by the pandemic. In addition, people have seen the impact of inflation and know that they should have some cash reserves to deal with it,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst. “People who rebuild their savings can be less reliant on support from the government, which frees up more resources for the country to use for other important things, like public health and infrastructure. Spending money can also be patriotic, though, because it stimulates the economy and helps the country grow.”

    Will lower spending continue throughout the summer?

    “Around 51% of Americans say they will spend less money this summer compared to last year,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst. “That’s lower than the percentage of people who plan to spend less this 4th of July, at 66%, but it’s still substantial. As long as inflation keeps rising, we should expect people to cut back on their spending and travel plans.”

    The above Q&A is also provided in audio format and can be edited as needed.

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    Rubio’s Serves Up Three New Dishes

    Rubio’s is serving up new bowls and salads for summer. From grilled, sustainable shrimp to a mouthwatering al pastor sauce, the Rubio’s menu items offer a variety of bold flavors that guests can feel good about eating. Available beginning June 29 for a limited time, Rubio’s guests can enjoy the Al Pastor Shrimp Bowl, Baja Caesar Salad and Chipotle Honey Argentinian Shrimp Bowl.

    “Every flavor-packed, bold ingredient offers the perfect balance of feel-good and flavor,” said Rubio’s Co-Founder, Ralph Rubio. “We created each of these dishes to be both cravable and full of protein, powering up summer meals without the tortilla.”

    The dishes include:

    •  Al Pastor Shrimp Bowl: Marinated and grilled sustainable shrimp, citrus rice, crisp romaine, black beans, roasted pineapple, handmade guacamole and pickled red onion topped with an al pastor sauce made with the perfect combination of chilies and spices.
    • Baja Caesar Salad: Crisp romaine, sliced Hass avocado, pickled red onion, cotija and tortilla strips topped with a roasted Poblano Caesar dressing. Served with choice of protein.
    • Chipotle Honey Argentinian Shrimp Bowl: Wild caught, grilled Red Argentinian Shrimp, crisp romaine, citrus rice and black beans topped with handmade guacamole, cilantro/onion mix, creamy chipotle sauce, a signature chipotle honey sauce and pickled red onion.

    Rubio’s has locations across California, Arizona and Nevada. Guests are encouraged to order through the Rubio’s app or Rubios.com. For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’s, FacebookInstagram and TikTok.