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    FurZapper for Pet Lovers

    Pet ownership across the U.S. continues to skyrocket. Around 70% of U.S. households own some sort of pet. But while we love our furry family members, the one thing all pet owners can agree on is the ability for pet hairs to work their way into every crack and crevice of not only our clothing but also our sheets, blankets, and everything else we wash and dry. One of the first things I notice about people is if they have a ton of dog or cat hair stuck on their clothes! We love our pets but we also don’t want to look like we just rolled out of bed. I…

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    Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Kids of All Ages

    The oh-so adorable Heart Shape Name Labels are the sweetest way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day! The labels make a wonderful personalized gift and are a great alternative to traditional candy and cards this Valentine’s Day. The labels are waterproof and crazy durable, just like all Mabel’s Labels are, but in an adorable shape that makes labeling fun for your kid’s daycare, school, sports gear and more. Plus, they are available in 16 adorable design options. Each label pack includes 24 labels for $21.50. Waterproof. Dishwasher safe. Durable. Learn more at www.mabelslabels.com.

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    The Best Christmas Cards to Share with your Loved Ones

    The fact is known that Christmas is one of the worldwide celebrated festivals where people meet and greet each other with gifts and happy carols. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and is a day of remembrance and worship. Generally, people hang lights and put up Christmas trees, watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas songs, bake cookies, and exchange gifts or Christmas cards. These are the everyday things which people generally do during Christmas.   Christmas brings families together and connects different people across the world. This is the particular time when  the family comes together. It is marked mainly by singing carols and decorating…

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    Children love customization and these new lunchboxes make daycare and preschool so much fun! The sections keep food separate and fresh. We love the charms and make it easy to identify multiples if there are siblings in the home. What do your kids love to have for lunch and snacks? Innobaby’s newest product offering is the Flex & Lock Kids LunchBOX. A pioneer of eco-friendly mealtime and feeding solutions, Innobaby introduces an innovative and patent-pending bento box designed to make both parents and kids happy with its life-changing features that make lunchtime more enjoyable. Created with a mission to create a problem-solving lunch packing alternative to mold-prone lunch boxes, the new Flex…

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    WORLD FAMOUS PINK PAPERS: First look at Blazy Susan

    Blazy Susan brand was the brainchild of our founder and CEO, Will Breakell. Will is a young entrepreneur from Roanoke, Virginia. Although Will graduated from the esteemed Virginia Military Institute, he soon realized that he was meant to take a different path than the majority of his peers. The mountains of Colorado were calling for him, and so was the emerging cannabis industry. The products are high quality and stand out on shelves. The retro branding is so kitsch and it is a great gift for your friends who enjoy a puff here and there! It all started with a “lazy susan” and a full product line now. One day,…

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    9 Simple Ways to Save on Home Spending

    Simple Ways to Save on Home Spending Spending money in the home can seem like a never-ending cycle. There’s always something that needs fixing or replacing, but there are low-cost solutions to many of these. Buying parts If something breaks in your home, it can be annoying if the item still works, but you can’t get the best use of it. For example, if your fridge drawer breaks, you can’t store as much in your fridge. You would probably put up with this rather than buy a new fridge as the extra cost isn’t worth it. However, this is easily fixed with a replacement refrigerator drawer, so you can make…

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