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    Mercurii Baby: Who, What, Where, When, Why

    Why Mercurii?

    So why name it Mercurii?

    We actually had an entire other name picked out. I was working on the logo, website etc… when suddenly, popped up on my instagram scroll, was a company that had almost an identical name, and it was a baby company! Can you believe that?! haha I was bummed for a few days but took that as a sign from God, saving me from more headache had I launched with the original brand name.

    So we went back to the drawing board. My husband and I sat on the couch for a few afternoons in a row jotting down some of the most ridiculous ideas. Many of them were made up words… Eventually I recalled a conversation with some dear friends of ours whose family is from Ghana. They were telling us how it is customary for newborns to have a traditional tribe name and then their english name. I remember them explaining how their tribe names are actually dictated by their gender and the day they were born. I then realized that both my babies were born on a Wednesday. When I looked it up in Latin, it translated into Mercurii. The kicker is, it ALSO means merchandise. And that was it. The rest was history.

    Goals of Mercurii Baby

    I started Mercurii Baby with many goals in mind. I am very passionate about many things, but in my core I care most about justice, truth, hope, and sacrifice. I believe these to be some of my main motivators in life and some pinnacle virtues that have the capability of thrusting life into a positive direction or even changing the trajectory of a broken one. That in mind, here are some goals that I am striving for here at Mercurii Baby over the next 3 years.

    • Create healthy and innovative or essential baby products
    • Give and be more involved in the adoption & foster care world
    • Create a community of moms that share their experience and get filled up from the experience and knowledge of others
    • Create a legacy‍

    That last one is a big one for me. I always had a problem growing up with moving too quickly. I would do things fast, so fast that I would miss what was coming and what was in front of me. Which means I was always so busy that I was never prepared. But as I grew (praise God), I realized that leaving a legacy, is in essence, slowing down, looking up at what is present, and looking to where we are going. I had a moment where I looked at my babies and where we were going and realized that I still had an opportunity to leave a legacy for them. You see, leaving a legacy isn’t really about you. It is about the people that will come after you. I knew I wanted to “leave the place better than how I found it”. Something my mom and dad always used to tell me.

    I want to create an opportunity for my kids and for others to have a place to work and be proud to work there. I want to build a company that is proud of its moral standing. That is honest and doesn’t ebb-and-flow with the chaos of the world but instead is centered, focused, and grounded in values and positive impact.

    Gabriela Wentworth (Founder of Mercurii Baby) A mom avid about the transparency of the baby industry. Seeking to always ask the tough questions and not settling until the truth is proven. Her goal is simple: a healthier, better life for her babies and yours.

    There are many ways to style the 100% Organic Muslin Cotton Shirt.

    We brought this shirt to our Tiny Hikes and Adventures meetup to see how it looks on our friends! The generous 3T fit everyone 2-4T!

    On Niko

    on Lusito

    on Zoey

    We simply adore this cotton terry set.  This was very cute, generous sizing and with pockets too!

    100% Organic Cotton Terry Sets. The perfect outdoor outfit for your baby or adventurous toddler! They are gender neutral making them the perfect staple for your child’s closet.

    • 100% Organic Cotton
    • GOTS Certified
    • Non-Toxic, eco friendly Dyes
    • Water-based dyes ensuring long-lasting color vibrancy and durability
    • Sustainably sourced and ethically produced
    • Naturally hypoallergenic

    Baby Colton modeled the Organic Tee in Watermelon! He looks so cute! Boys can definitely wear pink. Pair it with neutrals like grey, denim or camo to make it ‘boyish’.

    Zoey wore the Bubble Romper in dyed with BLACK BEANS!

    These beautiful organic cotton pieces have been hand dyed with Black Beans. Yes! Black Beans. And they produced this beautiful colors. Black beans are known for being fibrous. But did you also know they can also help regulate blood sugar, contain antioxidants and have traces of minerals such as magnesium?

    • 100% Organic Cotton
    • GOTS Certified
    • Using Organic Black Beans
    • Sustainably sourced and ethically produced
    • Naturally hypoallergenic

    NOTE* We use Natural and Organic Dying techniques & we use techniques that fasten these colors to the clothes so they will not be washed out. Wash as you normally would! Color may only fade due to outdoor weather. i.e. the sun.


    Thank you Mercurii Baby for the opportunity for the kids to try out and play in this stunning collection!

    Inzalaco Park, Las Vegas

  • Fashion

    Stylish Sets for Boys and Girls by Little Bipsy

    It is October and still 90’s in Las Vegas. We are so looking forward to turning off our A/C and getting ready for Fall.  The sets from Little Bipsy are unisex and so comfy. It’s so hard to find things that have fashionable cuts for boys and these were so awesome!

    The first color here is Spiced Cider (Pull over and Jogger set in 4T). I just love this modern seasonal color on him. The pieces are soft and high quality even after several washes. There is a split hem on the side which is a detail that I personally love.

    When the nights start getting longer and the days are cooling down, you know Fall is just around the corner! Be ready for the season with our new Spiced Cider pullovers! Designed with the same soft fabric and style as our core collection to ensure your little is as cozy as a cup of warm apple cider.


    • Color: Spiced Cider
    • High/low waistline
    • Side slit for layering and non-restricted movement
    • Ribbed neckline, cuffs, and waistband
    • Grow with me sleeve cuffs

    The next one is another Black Cherry. I LOVE this dark purple color and it’s truly beautiful and striking. This set was in 3T and fit perfectly.  Since Niko has started Pre-K I have to make sure he can pull his pants back up after potty himself. These are his favorite pants for school and everyday!

    Your little will look sweet as pie in our newest color for fall, Black Cherry! Keep the kiddos cozy this Autumn with our joggers, designed with comfort in mind, and in the same style as our core collection! This beautiful, rich purple color looks amazing on everyone, and is sure to be a season favorite!


    • Color: Black Cherry
    • Elastic waistband
    • Functioning drawstring
    • Slight drop crotch providing the perfect relaxed fit
    • Front pockets perfect for storing treasures and treats
    • Grow with me ribbed ankle cuffs


    If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen me post about these a month ago! I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so was can finally wear these!





  • Las Vegas

    Pure Sky By Persik Microfiber Cleaners

    I grew up doing ZERO chores. My mom told me once I get married, i’ll be doing chores for the rest of my life so be a kid and go play. When I got married, my husband cleaned our house and got very frustrated with me because I left a trail of mess everywhere I went. I was so used to my mom cleaning up after me, or living in a tornado and cleaning up JUST when I had company… And then I realized that cleaning is a love language! We talked a lot about respecting common space and how clutter drives him crazy. So as a 30 something year old, I am finally learning how to clean.

    When I got the opportunity to try Pure Sky cleaning cloths, I was so happy that they left zero streaks. Learning how to clean is an art and with the right tools, you can do the job twice as fast.  Las Vegas is a dust bowl so any spot cleaning will help create the look of a clean home!

    Forget harsh cleaning chemicals, meet Pure Sky By Persik. Their glass cleaning cloths and cleaning tools have more than 1,300 4 ½ star Amazon reviews, so you can trust this kind of clean! Get the cleanest surfaces with Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning collection. From kitchen pads, to multi-purpose gloves and even mop pads, you can’t beat this kind of clean for your home! All Persik’s products are made from thousands of antibacterial ultra-microfibers that only require water to clean! You get a green clean, so there is no need for harsh chemicals! Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning collection offers your home the cleanest, most gentle cleaning products you will ever use. You did not know what your home was missing out on until you have tried one of the cleaning cloths, sponges, or glass cloths from Persik! Their award-winning multi-purpose glove is so wonderful it’s been featured on The View and won Better Homes & Gardens Best Microfiber Cleaning Glove for 2022, plus it’s been reviewed in Reader’s Digest! They just launched a new product called the Eyeglass Cleaner Cloth, but you can also use it on your cell phone or camera! Persik’s foundation is to meet its commitment to making premium products for a feel-good home. Just add water to Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning line cloths and you will watch your surfaces, counters, furniture, and even floor grime disappear!

  • Gift Guide

    We Tried Colson Fire Pits and it’s LIT

    My husband’s birthday is September and it’s my favorite season. My birthday is in the summer and it’s his favorite season. So each year we try to get each other thing we will use during our birthday month and the entire year too.  We have been out of our house for both of our birthdays this year because of home renovations so living in Airbnb’s for month on end has been a real experience. We do different things to make us feel homey and one of first things I did was put up my son’s arts and craft projects around the house. My husband loves being in the backyard. He loves the peace and quiet to think and problem solve. So when the opportunity for us to check out Colsen Fire Pits that are personal size, clean for the environment and modern looking – I knew he would love it.  The weight of the fire pit makes it feel extremely premium and well made.

    The ambience this little fire pit creates is incredible! Nothing compares to real fire.  This is also the best house warming gift! Hex Large - Colsen Fire Pit

    • DESIGNED FOR: This portable fire tabletop fueled by smokeless, odorless, rubbing alcohol can be used indoor or outdoor. This Fireplace will make any space the place to be. CAN’T FIND ALCOHOL USE SMART FUEL!
    • CLEAN BURNING FUEL: Use Only 70%, 91% or greater Iso-propyl alcohol as fuel. DO NOT use Bio Fuel recommended or suggested by amazon, it will not work!
    • PORTABLE TABLETOP FIREPLACE: It is light and easy to transport so you can move it anywhere. You could use this small personal fireplace to add warmth and ambience to your desk, side table in your living room, centerpiece for your main dining table, or anywhere outdoors.
    • INSTANT AMBIANCE OF A REAL FIRE. Quick and easy to use with no mess, or clean-up. Easy to light and extinguish. No better way to spend time with family and friends than sitting around a real fire.
    • CAPACITY: This flame lasts approximately 40 – 50 minutes (depending on room temperature and climate). Please remember not to ever pour/refill fuel onto open fire or when burner/fireplace is not cool to touch.

    Materials: High temperature resistance concrete
    Dimensions: (W)8.0″ x (H) 4.5″
    Rubbing alcohol fuel capacity: 5.0 oz (Not Included)
    Weight: 9.0 lbs

    Colsen Fire Pits ($74.96+): Get the gift of a real fire with Colsen Fire Pits and leave the smoke and clean up behind. The eco-friendly fire pits are easy to light and extinguish. Simply use rubbing alcohol to get that fire going! Just be sure to have proper ventilation. Made from temperature-resistant concrete for an enhanced, safe, smokeless, and odor-free experience. The modern, portable designs go with today’s decor and offer an easy way to stage an inviting atmosphere for quiet moments alone or while celebrating with loved ones. Also available on Amazon. 

  • My dog Cami

    French Dog Shampoos by Alzoo

    The seasons are changing and that means shedding and itching! My dog Cami is 6 now which means she’s had over 30 baths in her lifetime (at least!). We have been seeing this TikTok trend using peanut butter to entice your dogs to jump right into the bath! I will tell you know that, it works! May be an image of text that says 'ALZOO DOG HAMP S'Dogs dread baths and even though Cami loves to swim and play in splash pads, she also does not like the slippery bathtub, water in her ears or face at all. We always start at the back, then her belly, then her legs, paws and then tail and butt at the end. I make sure that all the soap is washed out thoroughly because she has a short double coat and then the last and final step is rinsing her jowls and face.

    May be an image of dog

    We were happy with the Alzoo Dog Shampoo! This product is made in France. The fragrance was very light and airy and was not excessively foamy. The flip cap made it simple to open with just one hand. Thank you for letting us try this awesome dog shampoo!

    May be an image of dog and indoor

    ALZOO products are produced in France and in the US by AB7, a family owned company, with on-site specialists including staff Veterinarians, Pharmacists and Entomologists. French site is both EPA and GMP certified and US site is EPA certified.

    AB7 America is a Sunrise, FL subsidiary of AB7 Sante.

    AB7 America is developing and manufacturing sustainable and science based Pet Care products for the North America retailer and veterinarian channels.

    Its product portfolio includes Flea and Ticks, Calming, Grooming, Pain relief and Deodorizing products.

    ANTI-ITCH DOG SHAMPOO Shampoo anti-itch

    Specially formulated for dogs with dry, itchy skin

    Our gentle shampoo cleans and moisturizes your dog’s itchy skin with natural blend of plant-based ingredients and essential botanical oils. Enriched with a blend of Calendula Extract and Aloe Vera to soothe irritated skin while adding luster and shine to the coat. Skin irritations are calmed and skin’s moisture balanced is restored with each batch. Ideal for adult dogs

    • Sugar cane base tubes – 8 oz
    • Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Dye Free | Soap Free | Phthalate Free
  • New York

    Huda Razzak’s OSCAR® qualified animated short THE OCEAN DUCK

    Huda Razzak’s THE OCEAN DUCK is a beautiful story of a young woman who visits her loving sick grandmother in hospital and together brings to life an ancient tale. This phenomenal short is based on a poem in Rumi’s Masnavi, describing a duck that is raised by chickens, despite its true home being the ocean – a symbol for the eternal. This touching yet uplifting film has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards® after winning Best Animated Short at New York International Children’s Film Festival. Now this beautiful film can be seen at the prestigious Hamptons International Film Festival on October 10th 2022.

    A granddaughter visits her ailing grandma in a hospital during a flood, bringing back fond memories of the past – spilling over into fantastical visions in the present – as an ancient tale comes to life.

    Writer, producer and director Huda Razzak was born in Chicago to parents who immigrated from Iraq. In 2021, she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Animation, focusing primarily on story and production. Huda is also a two-time Screen Craft finalist, former ISF Film Grant recipient, and selected participant in a directing mentorship with Women in Animation. She currently works as a Story & Editorial Production Assistant at Netflix Animation.

    Co-Director My Anh Ngo was born and raised in Vietnam. She has a master’s degree in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design, specializing in 2D character animation. Prior to co-directing on THE OCEAN DUCK she worked on WOLFBOY and the Everything Factory animated series as an animation intern at Bento Box Entertainment studio in Atlanta.

    The incredible illustration was created by Katarzyna Doszla and the stunning music was created by Stephanie Hamelin Tomala. The screenplay was co-written with Toby Osborne and the stunning animation was led by My Anh Ngo, Denise Anger, and Ryen Goebel.