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    The Flavors of Spring in a Purée Popsicle Recipe for Baby

    In addition to colorful flowers and emerging buds on trees, spring brings a bounty of fresh flavors that make a healthy meal, snack or filling for teethers, such as teetherpop™. Start introducing babies at least six months old to new tastes by making homemade smoothies, purées popsicle and juices using in-season vegetables, fruits and herbs. Seasonal produce may vary by region, based on growing conditions and weather; but generally, in the U.S., one can find a slew of favorite in-season produce including: apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, carrots, kale, kiwi, lemons, pineapple, strawberries, and more. Make purée popsicles for little ones using an easy-to-digest combination of fruits or vegetables that your baby is familiar with. Be…

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  • Las Vegas

    Derq Technology first in Vegas

    Derq, an award-winning MIT-spinoff powering the future of roads for the safer and more efficient movement of traffic, is partnering with Motional’s driverless vehicles to test how driverless technology reacts when given an even broader perspective using Derq’s innovative AI road solutions. The revolutionary “bird’s eye view” pilot will be deployed in Las Vegas this Spring. The Implementation Derq and Motional are launching the pilot at two high-traffic intersections in Las Vegas. The intersections were selected for their complexity that includes: Significant pedestrian and cyclist lanes and crossings Challenging sight lines due to trees and/or signs Complex vehicle interactions among multiple lanes of traffic Derq and Motional share a common goal…

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  • Beauty

    Time to lock in hydration by soothing fatigued and dry skin.  

      “Ida Body Care has formulated an amazing Body Lotion made of natural ingredients and 18 essential oils chosen specifically for the body, including collagen protectors like Coconut oil, Shea Butter, and Sunflower Seed oil,” according to Ida Body Care Founder & CEO Vicki Weaver Payne. “Our Body Lotion is the first product my mother Ida created while repairing planes during WWII. Even back then, this recipe featured only natural ingredients and essential oils.”   The entire Ida Body Care line is clean, vegan, and cruelty free,   The Verbena Citrus scent of all the Ida Body Care products has a zesty, sweet scent of lemon. The joy of Verbena…

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  • Las Vegas

    Loungewear by FEAT

    It is so easy to get into a routine of tank tops and leggings for a stay-at-home uniform but FEAT might change that! It’s never been more important to stay comfortable yet stylish as temperatures go up. FEAT’s celebrity favorite BlanketBlend sets, made from their revolutionary soft cozy fabric, are now available in shorts! Always designed to go wherever you go, your BlanketBlend shorts and matching hoodie/crewneck sets will bring you into the spring season: from weekday coffee runs, to hiking your favorite trail on the weekend, and everything in between. Made with the finest materials and finished with FEAT’S signature ButterWash process, all sets are designed to maximize comfort &…

  • Toddlers

    Goliath Games – Soccer Slider

    You don’t have to rely on the sun for fun with Soccer Slider, an indoor gliding ball that will get a pass from even your toughest goalie (your parents). Easily turn any smooth surface into your own personal soccer field for hours of fun. Rainy days aren’t so bad anymore! Since Niko’s soccer lessons are over, we are keeping up with drills with this fun indoor toy!   Soccer Slider It’s soccer time, no matter the weather! Safe to play indoors and tons of fun for hours. You can practice your kicks or challenge your friends with this gliding, soft foam slider that turns any smooth surface into game-time! Recommended for…

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  • Toddlers

    Goliath Games – Thin Ice with Penguins

    Need an icebreaker for your kids? Look no further than Thin Ice, the game where you carefully try to add marbles onto the platform without having them break through! Enjoy the giggle-inducing suspense but just make sure you’re not the one holding the tweezer when the ice breaks.   Thin Ice This breakthrough game is a real icebreaker for kids! Take a marble from the water channel and place it on the tissue. Don’t be holding the tweezers when the marbles break through it! This easy-to-learn game is a time-tested classic and makes a perfect addition to any STEM assortment! For 2-4 players, ages 5 and up.   This breakthrough game is a real icebreaker for kids Easy…

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