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    Derq Technology first in Vegas

    Derq, an award-winning MIT-spinoff powering the future of roads for the safer and more efficient movement of traffic, is partnering with Motional’s driverless vehicles to test how driverless technology reacts when given an even broader perspective using Derq’s innovative AI road solutions. The revolutionary “bird’s eye view” pilot will be deployed in Las Vegas this Spring. The Implementation Derq and Motional are launching the pilot at two high-traffic intersections in Las Vegas. The intersections were selected for their complexity that includes: Significant pedestrian and cyclist lanes and crossings Challenging sight lines due to trees and/or signs Complex vehicle interactions among multiple lanes of traffic Derq and Motional share a common goal…

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    Loungewear by FEAT

    It is so easy to get into a routine of tank tops and leggings for a stay-at-home uniform but FEAT might change that! It’s never been more important to stay comfortable yet stylish as temperatures go up. FEAT’s celebrity favorite BlanketBlend sets, made from their revolutionary soft cozy fabric, are now available in shorts! Always designed to go wherever you go, your BlanketBlend shorts and matching hoodie/crewneck sets will bring you into the spring season: from weekday coffee runs, to hiking your favorite trail on the weekend, and everything in between. Made with the finest materials and finished with FEAT’S signature ButterWash process, all sets are designed to maximize comfort &…

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    California-Based Asian Artist Lulu Yueming Qu Using Her Art to Spread The Word of #StopAAPIHate

    No Longer Staying Silent About Anti-Asian Racism The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy. With hate crimes skyrocketing during the pandemic, it is so important that we stand up against anti-Asian racism and the ways in which you can help support the community. Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian discrimination during the pandemic, said it received nearly 3,800 self reports of anti-Asian hate incidents between March 2020 and last month. Women made up a far higher share of the reports, at 68% versus 29% for men. There is an intersectional dynamic going on that others may perceive both Asians…

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    WMS Gaming History — Top 5 Interesting Facts

    As an ardent player, you might have some favourite gaming software developers whose games might be your top-picks. So, WMS has also acquired a unique place in online players’ hearts among the many leading game developers companies. WMS’s speciality lies in providing premium quality video slots and always coming up with extraordinary features and unique themes. And this is all the slot players need to have an engaging slot playing experience. If you have real money and free WMS slots on your top-pick list, why not know more about the company. Top 5 Interesting Facts About WMS Before tracing back its history, let’s begin with the interesting facts about WMS.…

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    Vegas Stronger Partners with Lyft to Provide Free Rides for People to Receive COVID Vaccine

    Vegas Stronger Partners with Lyft to Provide Free Rides for People to Receive COVID Vaccine   March 9, 2021 – LAS VEGAS, NV — The nonprofit Vegas Stronger, an advocacy group focused on reversing the devastation the opioid epidemic has brought to Nevada, is announcing today they have partnered with Lyft to provide free rides for people who need a ride to a COVID vaccine appointment. The partnership between Vegas Stronger and Lyft is an effort to vaccinate the community for the good of public health.   “As part of our broader helping the community mandate, this is important to us as we want to help speed up vaccinating the…

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    Take it Back to the 80s this Mother’s Day!

    It’s great to see fashions trends that are making their way back around again…specifically scrunchies and hair ties!! If you haven’t had the chance to check out Scenties, you’re missing out! With Scenties, you can add a fun twist to your hair ties, headbands, and scrunchies! These accessories are fragranced with playful scents, which can be enabled by simply Stretching and Sniffing the product, just like we used to do with the Scratch and Sniff stickers!  Yummy flavors include: Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry, Sour Apple, Watermelon, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie! All of Scenties’ fragrances have been created to comply with the International Fragrance Association Standards. Each scent lasts for at least 6 months,…

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