Tiny Hikes + Adventures

Let’s Play

Welcome to Tiny Hikes- the one-of-a-kind early childhood playgroup based out of Las Vegas, NV. Welcoming all families with young children between 0-5. We believe that children learn best through play, exploration, mixed age cohorts and the natural balance between familiarity and the magical unknown. Join us for a perfect balance of kid friendly hikes and adventures!

1/4 mile hike with a child can take….an hour.

“Tiny Hikes” are hikes designed for toddlers and children to explore, learn and be one with nature.

Children under 3 are free at most attractions.

This adult playground, Las Vegas, has plenty to do for kids too. We love the Strip, the art, the food, the history and the weather.

Our members are diverse, multicultural, multiethnic and you are amongst friends.


Our Mission

Some quiet reflection about the past 9 months and our group: It’s rare to find real friends after school, moving to a new city, life changes and being a mommy.

At a time when the world told us to isolate ourselves, we reached out. Within the chaos 2020 has been, something beautiful came out of it and I am so grateful. I am so thankful for the mommies who helped by contributing their time, advice and network to grow our little community as our Facebook group admins for the last few months. We are all diverse, some of us solo parenting, blended families, traditional, modern, religious, spiritual or not; but within differences we found our common ground, our children.

Life is crazy and it will continue to be as our children grow. I will always remember 2020 as the year we created Tiny Hikes + Adventures and the year we chose love over fear one day at time.

Goal One (2020-2021)

Create experiences and opportunities to learn and discover everyday for our kids. A co-op library, a place to share resources, advice, toys, books, clothes, baby gear. Raise your child in Las Vegas with a close knit, helpful community of friends.

Goal Two (2021-2022)

Field trips: local, regional, cross country, international. Going places with the group makes it less daunting. Making memories that shape who we are and help us grow.

Goal Three (2023-2025)

Partner with local micro-school facilities with indoor and outdoor access. Community garden, water feature, animals, boutique, cafe, gallery.

Get Involved

My name is Yvonne and I created Tiny Hikes and Adventures for my son Niko. He is 2 now and we are grateful for the community this playgroup has allowed us to build. My background prior to being a mom include Beauty Industry Marketing, Social Media Consulting, Special Event Planning, Public Relations and Influencer Relations. I started this playgroup on June 15, 2020 with 12 kids who wanted to do a 1/4 mile hike with us. Yes, it took an hour. But from that first event, I am proud to say we have discovered many parks, bodies of water, Las Vegas hidden gems, trails and adventures during our 1600 events to date. We meet everyday because there is no days off from being a parent. This group is entirely self funded with our members’ monthly dues and donations.

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