(T.O.) Getting past the awkward stage…

When I shaved off the back of my mow-hawk, I never once thought about what it would look like once I decided to let my hair grow back in. I was thrilled about making the decision to go natural and had no problems with cutting off what needed to go; but then my hair started to grow back. The last time I shaved the side and back of my head was about 6 weeks ago. I decided that I wanted to have a full head of beautiful natural hair, so the shaving had to stop. Everything was going well until about 2 weeks ago…
Keeping the awkward stage under strict manners! lol
The dreaded awkward stage… the sides and the back were a pain to braid… but I did it!
I didn’t mind sporting a fro up top, but the mini fro that was growing in the sides and back of my head just wasn’t cutting it. No sir.
After day one of braiding… Hands and fingers? Sore. Me? Exhausted. Awkward stage? No more!
Everyone suggested I get a weave, and I firmly disagreed with them. Instead I decided to put my hair in braids just until it grows out of the awkward stage and is long enough to cornrow. So after the Christmas festivities, I sat my ass down and started braiding. I’m thinking that I’m gonna keep my hair in braids until spring; by then the sides and back would have grown long enough for me to get cornrows which I’ll rock until the summer, then it’s hello beautiful afro time!
How do you maintain your hair during the awkward stages?
peace, love and health,
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