(T.O.) Why I LOVE it: A tale of lust and love…

This is a story of lust at first sight. I saw what looked like a bottle of rich and delicious caramel sauce, then wondered why it was in the bath and body section… Perhaps it was some kind of caramel-ly body treatment? Mmm yummy. Curiosity got the best of me; I had to find out what it was. I was surprised to find that this substance that resembled delicious caramel sauce was actually a bath and shower cream.

Tashodi bath and shower cream in Exotic Spice and Cinnamon and Brown Sugar. Showering just got a whole lot better!
Nowadays it’s difficult to find a shower gel or soap that is free of parabens and other harmful toxins; so you can imagine my joyful relief when the first thing I read on the back of the label was, “FREE OF PARABENS.” It’s also made in Canada! That was more than enough for me to decide that I had to have it… but I had to read the ingredients label first… I did, and then I bought two bottles.
What was once lust flourished into love, the first time I used the cinnamon & brown sugar bath and shower cream. You know how shower gels have that slimy effect AFTER you’ve taken a bath?  Well Tashodi bath and shower cream does NO SUCH thing. It lathers wonderfully in seconds, has subtle but delicious fragrance, and leaves my skin feeling soft and squeaky CLEAN.
Made in Canada. Naturally fragrant. Environmentally friendly. 
Paraben FREE. Nourishing. Sulphate FREE. They offer a range of bath and body care products including body bars, soaks and even baby products!
Tashodi is a leading Canadian Fair Trade bath and body care company founded by Natacha Rey. The products are made in Canada, and are pure and environmentally friendly. They are all nut, sulphate and paraben free, as well as naturally fragrant and therapeutic. 
Do I recommend Tashodi? Most definitely. $9 for a 1 litre bottle of goodness? Totally worth it. Make sure you visit the website for more info and a list or retailers across Canada. You can also get Tashodi products online here.
Get yours TODAY!
peace, love and health

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