Your now rockn wit the BEST!! BestWurst,Austin that is ;)

The photo above is the sandwich i had the other night after i had a few “Adult” beverages. Listen people, dont get it c0nfused YES Bestwurst is good when you may be a lil tipsy, but its just as good when your sober :).

What is Bestwurst Craig?!?! I thought you would never ask, Bestwurst is home grown baby! right here in Austin,TX and served up its first best of Bestwurst in 1993. Its a DEFINITE fixture on Austins Famous 6th street.

Who woulda ever thought a little A** food stand could be so good and attract so many folk??? Whether it be someone who was born in Austin or just visiting town.

Hurry to Austin and get you one!!! 🙂 Jus kiddn take your time, there’s enough Austin love to go around. Just be sure to order one with spicy mustard and you should be good to GO!!

Their website:


Enjoy :)…