“hat person”

I bought a black fedora from H&M about two years ago simply because I loved the idea of owning a fedora but not necessarily wearing it… I know, sometimes I’m weird like that.

Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to start wearing it; in fact, I think I wore it the next day, and have worn it countless times since. It’s the perfect go-to accessory when you’re in a rush, goes well with pretty much anything…well except dressy gowns and such; I would suggest a top hat for such occasions! Fedoras are also the perfect addition to your outfit on days when you want to dress down and still look cute 🙂 Best part? Both women and men can rock a fedora, you just gotta find the right one (s) 🙂

Pearl Bailey

Fedoras and even top hats are as far as I’ll go with hats, so I’m not sure if that makes me a “hat person”. I really only own like 2 or 3 hats… that doesn’t make me a hat person can it? Does it? I’m just a girl that likes to occasionally wear a hat. However, I’m not a fitted kinda girl… some girls can definitely pull it off. So are you a “hat person?”

peace, love and health