Apple Workshops??

AYYY Cool World!

Ive missed y’all, or should i say HOWDY since i do reside in Texas :). So small dilemma, ive been sittn here tryna learn how to use a MAC computer and i know some of you out there are real pros so don’t judge me :). OK  you can definitely judge me because i have already judge me as well.

For Some strange reason i cant seem to get photos from my certain sites to my favorite site which is OBVIOUSLY to share with you all. I’m asking around to all my friends if they own a MAC and if so, do they know how to operate one so they could maybe hopefully get me out of my rut, as you expected some made fun of me 🙂 but then some were sweet and filled me in on something i NEVER EVER would of imagined them say.

My friend, she informed me that there are workshops provided AT THE STORE that guide you through different processes when it comes to using a MAC computer, how cool is that? Dell and all those other software stores need to step up their game because Steve Jobs is light years ahead of them. IN ANYCASE, you kow your boy signed up for a class!!!! My appointment for the ‘Getting Started With a MAC’ workshop is next week here at Barton Creek Mall (Which is the best Mall in Austin TX by the way ;).

You know i will let you know how all that went!!!! BARE WITH  ME! MORE AWESOME PICS COMING SOOOOOOOOON!! I will leave ya with some Barton Creek Mall Links incase your ever in Austin :)…

Barton Creek Mall>

Barton Creek Apple Store>>

Peace and Love :