Love Beverly Hills XX Giveaway

Who doesn’t LOVE Beverly Hills?  Whether it’s a personal love affair or you’ve only seen it in movies, the city’s glitz and glamour is captivating.  If you yearn for a piece of The Hills here on the East Coast, I think you will love the new line of fragrances that JT Brands and the City of Beverly Hills have teamed up on, Love Beverly Hills XX

The three scents, eXXpressive, teXXt me, and seXXy, each portray different moods and characters.  They can be worn individually or layered together.    

The line’s namesake is a tourism campaign which revolves around a fictional woman named “Beverly Hills” who writes letters to her lover from various hot spots in Beverly Hills, signed “Love, Beverly Hills XX”, of course!  Flowers and plants native to Beverly Hills were used to develop scents that truly capture the essence of the iconic city.    


Here is my take on the 3 fragrances, along with JT Brands’ description (in quotes) of the woman who wears each scent… 

  • eXXpressive – light, sunny, fresh and sophisticated. “I have a great job and will start my own design firm one day!”
  • teXXt me – sweet, melon, citrus and a bit of spice. “I think I’m a flirt but I know what I want!”
  • seXXy – sweet, flirty, powdery. “Another day, another chance for mischief.  But I am a good girl…mostly!”

Which fragrance best matches your personality?  Think about it and then enter for a chance to win one of the fragrances!  To enter, follow me on Twitter @OAAinNYC and let me know which fragrance is YOU and we’ll chose a winner at random. 

Also, BH XX is having a contest where the winner will get to help design the next fragrance in Paris.  For more information:

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