Yoga Tree for Me

The people over at Yoga Tree know that we’re committed to making sure that our minds and bodies stay RIGHT, so you can only imagine how we pleased we were; when they informed us of their new downtown location. I was particularly excited, cause it’s literally a hop and a skip away! WINNER.

“We’d love everyone to take a moment to pause and reflect on the recent crisis in Japan and focus on how we can enliven our environmental community and contribute to a brighter and cleaner future,”-Debbie Fung

Yoga Tree is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and community, as well as incorporating sustainable practices in order to preserve the environment. I am ALL about that 🙂 This innovative and eco-friendly studio opened its doors last month, and is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, at 140 Spadina at Richmond St. West.

“We believe in creating a space where we can enrich the lives of our students and generate physical and mental healing through the classes we provide.”-Debbie Fung

Yoga For Japan on April 21 was the first of Yoga Tree’s monthly Class for a Cause initiative- “Each month the studio will donate all proceeds from their Hatha Flow class @5PM on Fridays to a chosen charity.” These classes are offered at a reduced cost of only  $10/person.

Okay so the place looks dope. This means that the only question left to ask is… who wants to go???

peace, love and health


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