U-ology101 ~ Conversations

With the past few weeks being so hectic, I’ve just realized that we’ve still yet to post this amazing video!!!

U-ology101’s Jesse Jones & Rap City’s T-RexXx are good friends of HeyDoYou.com who sat down together for the first of U-ology101’s new motivational web series called ‘Conversations’. “One Setting. Two Minds. Great Conversation”. While the video completely speaks for itself, I will include how completely refreshing this was to have successful young minds in our city come together to encourage and motivate others. I love the entire idea of this concept, was so excited months ago when Jesse first told me of his new independent ventures, and am amonst those who have been motivated by this launch. Look out for upcoming segmentsof Conversations and in the meantime, press ‘play’. xo.


Conversations w Jesse Jones: Ep #1, Guest – MuchMusic’s Tyrone “T-RexXx” Edwards from U-ology 101 on Vimeo.

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