Ohh Bahama Mama!

My best friend just got back from her honeymoon in the Bahamas and got me a nice gift that I couldn’t wait to try. She got me Del Sol Nail Polish, which when you put in the sun it will turn into a different color.

I have “Secret Crush” and then I borrowed “Island Fever” from her. My nails are really short and I know I can’t be a hand model but I think the colors look good!

I have “Island Fever” on my ring finger and “Secret Crush” on the rest. My camera doesn’t do justice so below is “Secret Crush” before and after exposing your nails to the sun.

I went to check out their website and it looks like they make a bunch of other color-changing stuff such as t-shirts, sandals, hair accessories, bags, hats, etc. There are no stores in NY so it looks like I might be traveling to the Bahamas and my excuse will be that I need more color-changing nail polish… 🙂 even if there are more than 100 stores worldwide. 😉