The @VillageVoice @BKPour Craft Beer Festival

When I arrived at the historic Skylight One Hanson (formerly the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower) for Village Voice’s first annual Brooklyn Pour craft beer festival, I knew I was in for some serious beer 101.  I dabble in your standard beers, like Corona, Blue Moon and Negra Modelo, but the 100+ beers within the walls of this festival would be new territory.

Now, schooled in the world of craft beer, I don’t know what took me so long to explore all of the variety and creativity that these delicious brews have to offer.

Some of my favorites:

  • Tröegenator Doppelbock by Tröegs Brewing Company: This beer came to my attention when a man behind me who had just tasted his sample screamed out, “yes!”  Never the one to ignore such a strong recommendation, I decided to take whatever he had! Although I didn’t have the impulse to shout, I was not disappointed by this smooth, flavorful beer.
  • Smuttynose Robust Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Company: This was the “comfort food” of beers, with a light, smooth, dark chocolate taste.  A great beer for fall.
  • Torpedo Extra IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: I discovered that I have a thing for IPAs (Indian pale ale).  I enjoy their richness and complexity. This one is a perfect “everyday” beer (I’m not necessarily saying you should drink it everyday!).  Something you might crack open after a long day at work to enjoy its balanced, smooth taste.
  • Ithaca Apricot Wheat by Ithaca Beer Company: Wonderful natural apricot flavor without being overpowering.
  • Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA by Flying Dog Brewery:   I don’t usually care for bitter beers, but the sweetness of this brew paired perfectly with the slightly bitter finish.
Cute, little tasting glass–now a souvenir of my beer tasting adventures
Gorgeous venue!
Personally, I hate pretzels, but they make a good palate cleanser for beer tasting–and cool necklaces.
I tasted home-brewed beer that was pretty good!
And here are tools and ingredients for making your own beer.
kisses, Olisa