Cakes and Sweets @TheWeddingCo PT1

Bobbette & Belle Artisanal Pastries

If you are a bride-to-be or are planning to get married one day, the options for what kind of cake, and other sweet treats to have at your wedding, are ENDLESS! The cakes and sweet treats won’t just be pretty, but they’ll taste so good, especially if you go with one of these vendors!

Here are some of my favourites!

Cupcakes from Patricia’s Cake Creations

Nadia & Co was there!

Truffle Cake & Pastry always has such a pretty display!

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Cupcake bouquet by J’adore Cakes Co.

Cake Opera was there, and they were serving up so GOOD cake!

The Cake Museum

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Cakes by Konstadin

The Sweetere

Definitely one of my favourites! Cake Opera

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I was in cake heaven.

peace and love