@FoxAndJane Salon & Finishing Bar

A belated happy New Year to all! I’ve been missing in action lately, but I’m happy to be back!

Now, on to my latest NYC salon adventures…

I was invited to visit FOX & JANE Salon and The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE not too long ago. This Lower East Side duo consists of the Salon and the neighboring Finishing Bar. FOX & JANE Salon, known for its innovative hair color techniques and bold cuts, opened in June 2011. Following its success, owner Lorean Cairns decided to expand, adding The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE, which opened in the beginning of December. While FOX & JANE Salon provides hair services, the appropriately named Finishing Bar provides finishing touches: manicures, pedicures, hair removal and makeup application.

When I walked into FOX & JANE Salon, I received a warm greeting from Lorean. She gave me a tour of the cozy, intimate space. The stylish, welcoming decor pays homage to London’s neighborhood pubs and watering holes. It’s the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re among friends as soon as you walk through the door. Despite it’s ultra-hip Lower East Side location, FOX & JANE Salon and The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE are decidedly unpretentious.

Lorean  revealed that as a stylist, she’d seen too many salons that were cold and impersonal, so she wanted FOX & JANE Salon to be just the opposite–warm and inviting.  She certainly succeeded with that goal!

My next question for Lorean: Who are Fox and Jane? Well, according to Lorean, there is no real Fox and Jane. It was actually meant to sound like the title of a British fairy tale.

While enjoying some white wine (clients are offered wine and cocktails), Marlene gave me a manicure at The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE. Marlene is highly knowledgeable, professional and super friendly. She knows so much about nail care. I had a low tear on the side of both thumb nails (who knows what I did to mess up my nails like that!). Instead of cutting them down (which would result in an awkward shape) or just ignoring it, she actually applied a nail wrap to fix the tear. I loved that she went above and beyond to give me a quality manicure.

I was very delighted with the results of my mani and with the experience at The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE. It’s great to get pampered by professionals in a comfortable environment–and a great glass of wine! Another plus for Fox & Jane, is the very reasonable prices.

FOX & JANE Salon and The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE owner Lorean

FOX & JANE Salon and The Finishing Bar by FOX & JANE is located at 154 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002.