@MadMen_AMC Recap: At The Codfish Ball

Megan’s (Jessica Pare) already proving herself to be a very magnetic little vixen, but she’s somehow making a statement in the office regardless of all the attention Don (Jon Hamm) keeps hogging. She saves the Heinz deal over dinner by throwing in her pitch on a human canon-ball. But of course, it’s a classic Mad Men thing to do to get the parents involved when revealing more about a character. Megan’s definitely a papa’s boy and knows how to make a man crumble by over-stepping all female competition (including her own mother).

Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) has her own special dinner to attend to with her Brooklyn hubby Abe. Joan (Christina Hendricks) suggests that this especially insistent dinner must be a proposal, saying ” Men don’t take the time to end things.” Abe asks to move in with her, and I can’t tell if Peggy’s happy or not about it. It definitely works with her ‘I want to be a man’ issue, but is she ready to give away everything that comes with being a woman? She loses the kid, now she loses the ring and the dress. If two people are serious enough to move in together, why not just jump the ship and get hitched? Joan thinks it’s brave, Peggy’s mom thinks it’s a sin. It’s not only Heinz beans that don’t change. “He will use you for practice until he decides to get married.” Holla if you’ve been the one before ‘the one.’

Now that Roger (John Slattery) has Jane (Peyton List) off his back it’s like he’s a new man.  Of course he’s going for Megan’s disgusting mom that won’t stop flirting with every man in sight. But I can’t help but melt at his pick-up lines. My favorite is this: “I’d buy you a drink, but I think they’re still free.” And what did Sally (Kiernan Shipka) see behind not-so-closed doors at the gala? Maybe a Shirley Temple isn’t strong enough for what this girl’s getting into.