Fall’s Newest Guest Blogger, @mzanitaxd

Hey there! so if you haven’t noticed already, my introduction blog comes after my first blog (ever!) with heydoyou, on braids(!) Hope you guys liked it 🙂 I’d like to keep this short and sweet as a mini prologue to me, woots!(?, lol)

I stand by a couple of philosophies that I try my best everyday to achieve and do my very best in, which are:
Believe and have faith in all aspects of life, religion, and mind
Positivity and knowledge; don’t over-do anything though. keep it cool, easy, upbeat, fun and stress free 😉
Grace and elegance.
Whatever you do or decide to do, do it with all your heart.
Just try it. Do it. Experience it. You never know till you do

oh la la, hopefully I won’t disappoint with my future blogs 🙂

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