Ladies and Gents Meet Style, or Mr.@HiltonWebb

Having a growing and stylish younger brother as a sibling is hard enough. Finding something to get him for his birthday is another story. Meet Hilton Webb. A modern style guru at the click of a button.

Stumbling across his site, Hilton Webb, was pure luck. Getting a surprise present for someone like my brother isn’t easy, Hilton though makes it as smooth as butter. Giving style tips on everything from Ralph “Lauren Moments” to advice on J.Crew 484’s pants. Finding the right thing for that loved one or getting quick tips on the latest has been made a whole lot easier.

Not to mention Hilton is a little easy on the eyes!

When asked:

What influenced his style? 

H- ” The day influences my style. Whatever I’am doing that day.
Regardless the style, weather, urban, or business its clean and

If you are wondering exactly what his advice would be on style and saving, he has an answer for that too:

H- ” eBay and thrift stores. Style is what you make it, not where you get it from.”

Now that present for my brother won’t be so hard to find! So whether your looking for a style guide or some “product awareness”, Mr. Hilton is your man. You can follow all of his latest trends on fashion on Twitter, @HiltonWebb or follow his blog Hiltified. Don’t sleep on this man, as he would say, “Don’t Just have swagg, have a ‘Grade A Swagg’ “.
All photography was taken by Mr. Webb (Hilton’s Father). All rights reserved.