shim, shimm, shimmer me up! @azature

Painting my nails.. I use to never do them! I never liked the fact that I had to sit down and remove the nail polish after a week or so, I guess I’m just that lazy! So my alternative to that was to just clip and file my nails nicely and then bam, I’m done. Then came a friends wedding and I had been one of the few bridesmaids she had chosen so me and a fellow bridesmaid went to a nearby nail salon and got our nails done. Boy, oh…boy, did they need some major reworking, but thanks to that, I went home and bought myself some nail polish of my own and started doing my own french manicures! so far, I’m loving it and it may take longer to do my nails now but I’ve found useful products that speed up the drying action (fast drying top coat!) and cotton remover pads that remove even the thickest polish, in a couple of sweeps! plus, its acetone free! I definitely see why people bother with polish now (hah). It does make a difference, especially to those people who are easily distracted by lights and shiny things, like me 🙂

Azature Nail Polish has just started to sell their new line of nail polish called Black Diamonds and you know what those commercials say..”a diamond is a women’s best friend”. What I would say is.. “start waving with the back of your hand”. shim, shimm, shimmer away black diamonds!
They retail for $250,00 (!) BUT, they DO have a smaller version of that at .5OZ/ 15mL diamond shaped bottle, that’s sold at $25 with Fred Segal.

Find out more at !