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I was able to try all of Alex Cosmetics BB Cream and I have to say, its good. I was first introduced to Alex Cosmetics from a family relative on a family cruise this summer(Southern Caribbean islands, it was gorgeous). Sharing a room with the family relative and her daughter, we naturally got close by the second day of the cruise. She had GOOD skin..and for someone who strives to have better skin all the time and a self professed skin care fanatic..I’ll say again, she has GOOD skin…haha. So I naturally asked her about her skin care routines and the products she uses and she introduced Alex Cosmetic BB Cream to me. In specific, it was the Royal Noblesse BB Cream from their AX2 line. Thank you Sun for letting me try that as well. For me personally, I think that the Royal BB Cream from AX2, is more of a skin care product rather than a BB Cream. To me, I sort of think that a BB Cream works as a simple quick cover up that’s lighter than a foundation and doesn’t break me out (J) but the Royal BB Cream is one, not dark enough in color pigment and I’m pretty light/ pale already, so that didn’t work out too well and two, it was THICK. You can really feel that their giving you your whole bucks worth which isn’t bad at all! But not something that I can use during the summer when I’m a little darker and when I’m at work, so I’ll give this another try during the winter time but from what I saw, it really gives you a plump, dewy look which means it’s really nourishing.

A quick background on the company: Alex Cosmetics was also one of the first companies to make BB Cream and introduce it to their patients after a successful surgery so I definitely do not doubt their healing properties as well as their experience and their 50+ years in the BB Cream business.

What I did go on to buy was the Alex Cosmetic, Herbal BB Cream Gold. The color matched perfectly with my summer tanned look and it just worked perfectly for work as well. I fell in love with it the first day I used it, thinking I ‘glowed’ at work (Haha, Jackie if you’re reading this…I found my own Californian glow!)

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and contact Sun Kim if you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of your own!
Thank you for the samples Sun!