Surprisingly Chic: Bringing Clogs Back for Fall 2012

If the word “clogs” has you imagining yourself clomping down the street in clunky Dutch wooden shoes, think again. Despite their bad rap, clogs can make a serious style statement. Pair them with a killer outfit and great accessories and your wooden heels will be the envy of every other girl you meet.

Clog Factory
Clog Factory (Photo credit: Dave Haygarth)

Clogs: In or Out for Fall 2012?

Karl Lagerfeld took the fashion world by surprise when he featured clogs in Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. That year, the clog trend was all about pairing sophisticated clogs with frilly, feminine attire. Two years later, clogs are still on-trend for fall 2012, with Vena Cava designers Lisa Mayock and Sophia Buhai favoring this style. Instead of 2010’s ultra-feminine take on clogs, fashion-savvy women are putting a new, bolder twist on this surprisingly versatile footwear.

What to Look for in a Pair of Clogs

The Spring 2012 runways were full of 1970s-inspired looks, and the fall clog trend is an extension of this design aesthetic. Wood-bottomed shoes transition nicely from a playful, easy summertime look to a sexy style for fall. When choosing clogs, look for a pair with a tall heel to elongate your legs and modernize the look. Feel free to experiment with color; although rich black leather looks great with everything, honey gold clogs with light wood are unexpected and very on-trend. Other hot colors for fall include dark chocolate brown, titanium and deep ultramarine green.

If you prefer a flat shoe, choose carefully to prevent your outfit from looking stale and dated. Flat-heeled clogs in a bold color or clog-inspired sandals can make a strong style statement while keeping your feet comfortable. For example, there’s a wide variety of Dansko Shoes that come in several hues to complement your look.

Clogs with a wedge heel are another great way to stay trendy for fall. These clogs are easy to walk in and look great with a variety of outfits. Remember to pair flat or wedge clogs with modern, tailored attire to keep from looking like you stepped out of a 70s time capsule.

How to Wear this Trend

As you transition into your fall wardrobe, you don’t have to leave cute summer dresses behind. Pairing clogs with your favorite warm-weather frock is a fresh and unexpected choice. Just add stockings and a fitted blazer to stay seasonally appropriate. Alternatively, consider pairing your clogs with slim-cut pants or cuffed skinny jeans and your favorite top.

After several years of skinny pants on the runway, designers are jumping back on the flared pant bandwagon. Although bellbottoms may be on-trend this fall, avoid pairing them with your new pair of clogs. Even if you’re going for a fun retro look, this combination looks sloppy and dated.

Clogs are a fun addition to any wardrobe for fall. Because these shoes can be a bold fashion statement on their own, try to keep the rest of your look relatively sleek and polished to avoid looking overdone. When choosing an outfit to complement your newest pair, add a pop of color or your favorite accessories to make the look your own.

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