LOVE it: Pretty and Soft Curls with @MixedChicks

20130601_143214I’ve been looking for a good leave-in conditioner for my natural hair for ages now, but haven’t been able to find one that delivers. You can only imagine my excitement when I received a lovely package full of Mixed Chicks goodies in the mail a few weeks ago,  AND in that package was a leave-in conditioner! Now because I haven’t had much luck with leave-in conditioners, I was a little apprehensive about how well this conditoner would work, but I’ve heard good things about Mixed Chicks products so I was more than down to try.


Sunday is ‘Hair Day’ and this is when I do my usual co-wash, deep condition and re-do my protective style. So for the last few Sundays I’ve been using the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner before putting in my twists/flat twists. I’ve noticed that it actually takes me a shorter time to do my twists/flat twits as the conditioner softens my hair right away, and there are hardly any tangles, therefore less breakage. Score!


Defined, fluffy, shiny and healthy curls, I couldn’t ask for more!

Since using Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, my hair is still soft, and fluffy even after taking my twists out, and one of the best things is that there is no flakiness, which is what used to get on my nerves when I used other leave-in conditioners. I’ve also noticed a significant amount in breakage. I know that we lose about a 100 strands of hair a day *gasp*, but I still don’t like to see my hair break, so I love that my hair barely breaks, if at all, before and after using the Mixed Chicks conditioner.


  • Instantly soft
  • Little to no breakage, which means increased retention, therefore increased growth.
  • Did I mention super soft hair????
  • Defined curls
  • No flakiness AT ALL!
  • Increased moisture and shine.
  • I live for how sleek and defined my twists look!

20130624_190945Radiantly rollin’ with Mixed Chicks!

Big thank you to Mixed Chicks for sharing this with me, and for bringing my leave-in conditioner hunt to an end! I can’t wait to try the other goodies!

Have you tried Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner?  What are your thoughts?