Go Green + Glam with @MyOtherBag

There’s no shame in being a bag lady! I collect satchels and totes like it’s nobody’s business and I’m always searching for my next go-to bag. So when I heard about My Other Bag, I did the happy bag lady dance because this idea is genius.


Born in Los Angeles out of necessity (Santa Monica bans plastic grocery bags in order for residents to reuse and recycle), My Other Bag was founded by designer Tara Martin who needed a cute and comfortable way to tote around groceries without having to reach for her designer bag. Because seriously, who wants to load up their Hermes with sandwich meat and milk?


No more old and ugly canvas bags—My Other Bag is all about style, convenience and of course, going green. And the designs are incredible. From Louis Vuitton to Michael Kors-inspired designs, this line of totes is completely fashionable. And each bag is manufactured in the USA, in the heart of LA—so cool!


And just so you know you’re in good company, stars such as Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel have all been spotted with the My Other Bag. The entire collection retails for under $50 (my Carrie-Cabana Carry All retails for $50) and you can choose from oversized carryalls, totes and pochettes in amazing designs and colors (there’s even a “British Invasion” line of bags!).

Visit MyOtherBag.com to get your own!