A New Challenger Appears! @missmunchkinz

There’s a new face here at HeyDoYou and that’d be me.

Hello, Everyone! My name’s Andrea and I’ll be joining Yvonne this summer here on the blog! There’s a lot a happening and we can’t miss a beat, so expect posts from me reviewing all sorts of products, exciting press events and more.

“But who are you!?”, you must be wondering. I’m a Graphic Designer born under Gemini from Brooklyn with a BT in Communication Design. I’m an artist by trade, living the Lolita life with a love for all things cute, kawaii and pastel. True to my “Artist from New York” roots, you’ll often find me wearing head to toe black…I know, I know…pretty contradictory, huh? I guess you can say I’m like a matte black easter egg filled with sparkly hard candy, ha! I like fashion, yummy food, macarons (obsessed!), video games and being in the know. If you’re curious, you can find samples of my work over on site!

(If you’d like to know more about Lolita fashion, check out this video!)
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Andrea 。.゚♡