Fall Beauty Finds — Freshen Up Edition!

Last weekend I took an end of summer vacation to St. Petersburg, Florida. Although I love being out on the beach all day, I am usually in need of handy products to freshen up with. For this trip I was prepared and took a few things with me for that very purpose.

Swipe-1-300x208Swipe deodorant wipes are small but get the job done! These came in very handy on the morning I decided to go for a four mile run then hit the beach right after. Made with natural tea tree extract this was the perfect item to help me feel clean and refreshed after my run. They are very small and discreet and can fit into any purse, gym bag, or beach bag. The wipes are also soft and smell great.


Next up on the list are C.O. Biegelow’s MENTA body lotion and MENTHA foot lotion. I mentioned their mint oil lip balm in a previous post, which I love, these products are very similar but can be used all over the body. The lotion was the perfect cooling treat after a long day in the sun. The mint oil is great at refreshing the body and leaving you feel energized. Vitamins A, C, and E are added incentives that nourish the skin. The foot lotion is utter perfection after walking in skin drying sand. My feet literally drank the lotion that is fortified with aloe and mint. It goes on smooth and cooling like a gel and is light with no greasy residue. I recommend keeping both of these in rotation anytime you need to feel refreshed and energized.

Thanks to these products I was able to keep my skin feeling hydrated and smooth the entire weekend!!

Until next time!!
Stay lovely!


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