Get your WELL & GOOD on – greens, juices and doorstep delivery with Farmbox Direct

Spring is here and that means if you haven’t already starting changing up that diet, well there’s no better time than now! Meet Farmbox Direct the company that’s making sure your fridge is fully stocked with organic produce and fresh juices via weekly delivery.Scan 215

Farmbox Direct is a door-to-door service that brings the freshest vegetables and fruits directly from organic farms. Customers are able to choose between three different seasonal box sizes and will then receive weekly-customized delivery boxes. Farmbox Direct allows the boxes to be customized, meaning you can make “subs” to the box. For example, say hate the apples, take them out, add something you do like. Note that most CSA’s are not customizable. orig

Farmbox Direct fits easily into customer’s busy lifestyle. From overwhelming demand, Farmbox Direct has introduced their all-new natural box, which provides customers a healthy options at affordable prices. The new All Natural box for max $45.00 vs. the Organic box for max $65.00. Both are healthier, and easier, options for everyday life.

To make lives easier, Farmbox Direct also provides quick and easy recipes all on their site to use with the freshest product that would be delivered each week, saving you time and allowing you to maintain a healthier life and home.




Ashley Tyrner is from Illinois but grew up partially in Arizona and Los Angeles. At age 27, with a newborn baby girl, Ashley became a food stamp recipient. She moved to New York City in 2011 for a new beginning and worked as a business manager in the fashion industry. Three years after breaking out and making it in the Big Apple and the fashion industry, Ashley decided to venture where her heart was: helping others understand the strong connection food has on our lives. Thus, arrived the inspiration of Farmbox Direct – bringing the goodness one step closer to you.