Danté Wolfe releases video for new single “Temp Tags”

In the cinema that is Carlton Ave, the music video “Temp Tags” is the climax/twist of the movie. For Danté Wolfe, everything in his life is leading up to this point. In the most practical terms, this song is a vivid depiction of a pivotal time in the 24 year-old rapper’s life.

His single “Temp Tags”, featuring Mvstermind singing on the hook, was premiered exclusively on Team Backpack just in time for its September 6th release. The site praised the tracks “soulful production” as well as Danté and Mvstermind‘s abilities to not let issues deter them from following their dreams.


Danté states “Every verse is a page ripped right out of the book of life…look in my eyes or listen to my music, the story is the same.”  His music tells the story of his life, his experiences, his struggles and what he has overcome to reach the success he has obtained. Fans should expect the same story-telling style in his upcoming record Carlton Ave and his new single “Temp Tags” already foreshadows that.

In the all black and white music video, Wolfe is shown in a brick style warehouse with Mvstermind, rapping about heartbreak and money problems. The video features frequent flashbacks to shots of Danté recording this song in the studio. The intimate look at the production of this song paints the picture of the musical process of “Temp Tags” and Danté’s journey as an artist.

Danté states, “I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past year. It’s actually coming up on one year since I initially started creating this project and when the inspired events occurred.”

Initially, Danté started recording “Temp Tags” as something intended for a future Mvstermind project he was featured on. However, Mvstermind encouraged Danté to release the song on his solo album Carlton Ave. As a result, Danté chose “Temp Tags” to be the first single off the record.
On Friday, October 21st, Danté will be performing alongside Mvstermind for the producer’s release party for his EP Cusp. The event will take place in their home city of St. Louis at Delmar Hall featuring special guests J’Demul, Arshad Goods, Najii Person & Eric Donte.

Carlton Ave is set to release on November 28th. The LP will be available on SoundCloud, Bandcamp & Spotify. In addition to his single premiere on Team Backpack, Wolfe has been featured in the past on For the Culture Blog, The Smoking Section and Ohestee.

For fans of: J. Cole, Marco Pavé, Fabolous, Mvstermind & Con. View “Temp Tags” Music Video HERE

Danté Wolfe is a talented artist, actor, and St. Louis native. Ever since the formation of M.M.E, a St. Louis hip hop collective that was founded in 2009, Danté has been a prominent figure in his city’s thriving Hip Hop scene.
With two official releases already under his belt, Danté Wolfe is currently gearing up for the release of Carlton Ave, an album that highlights the St. Louis rapper in complete control of his craft and at the height of his game. At only 24 years old the already prolific Wolfe displays a maturity and creative vision typically attributed to more seasoned and veteran writers/performers. As an album, Carlton Ave is a bold statement piece and further proof of the young MC’s continued artistic growth both lyrically, stylistically, and spiritually. Carlton Ave is set for release on November 28th, 2016.