NEW From Beauty 360: K-Beauty Inspired Skincare

The NEW, advanced skincare solutions from BEAUTY 360, inspired by Korean trends, which is a new collection of innovative masks for face, eyes, and neck balance intelligence with indulgence to provide healthy, radiant skin. The line is comprised of 14 travel-friendly masks that moisturize, firm, rejuvenate, detoxify your skin with key ingredients such as 24K Gold, Pumpkin Extract, Rose Water, Charcoal, Green Tea, and Tomato, Lemon and Broccoli Extract.

An essential addition to your on-the-go beauty regimen, this line is available now exclusively at CVS pharmacy stores and online at

Below are some popular selections from the line, and also those are my favorites. That is the reason how I can survive to have a perfect skin even in these dry weather days.



2-Step CO2 & Niacinimide Brightening Face Mask & Spot Clear Patches ($6.99)

A two-in-one treatment that targets the early signs of aging – discolorations and dark spots – the 2-Step CO2 & Niacinimide Brightening Face Mask & Spot Clear Patches work to improve and brighten overall skin tone in the comforts of home.



24K Gold Hydrogel Brightening Eye Masks ($5.99)

Enriched with gold, known to purify skin and restore brightness, the 24K Gold Hydrogel Brightening Eye Masks nourish skin. Nutrient-rich, skin-toning Lemongrass Extract helps achieve bright-looking eyes.




24K Gold Hydrogel Intense Brightening Face Mask ($7.99)

Enriched with gold, the 24K Gold Hydrogel Intense Brightening Face Mask improves complexion for a brighter, youthful appearance.



Rose & Pearl Brightening Multi-Use Face Mask Pods ($5.99)

For a quick all-over glow, the re-sealable, multi-use Rose & Pearl Brightening Multi-Use Face Mask Pods are infused with Pearl Extract, known to help tone and rejuvenate the complexion, and Rose Water, rich in antioxidants and known for its moisturizing properties.



Charcoal Hydrogel Soothing Eye Masks ($5.99)

To detoxify the delicate skin around the eyes, the calming and moisturizing Charcoal Hydrogel Soothing Eye Masks are infused with Charcoal Powder, known for its detoxifying and skin softening abilities.



Brown Sugar & Pumpkin Detoxifying Multi-Use Face Mask Pods ($5.99)

So good you could almost eat, the Brown Sugar & Pumpkin Detoxifying Multi-Use Face Mask Pods offer exfoliating and brightening benefits. Infused with brown sugar and pumpkin rich in enzymes, AHAs and Vitamins A & C, the mask leaves skin feeling clean and fresh after use.


Enzyme Powder Purifying Facial Cleansing Treatments ($5.99)

Designed to exfoliate dead skin cells and sebum, the Enzyme Powder Purifying Facial Cleansing Treatments are specially formulated to achieve a clean, glowing complexion without harsh abrasives. The water-activated enzyme powder treatment, in unique single-use pods, gently polishes and smooths skin, while soothing and moisturizing with Tomato, Lemon and Broccoli Extract.

Green Tea & Apricot Soothing Multi-Use Face Mask Pods ($5.99)

For a facial at home or on-the-go, the Soothing Multi-Use Face Mask is infused with two good-for-you ingredients: antioxidant Green Tea and gentle, exfoliating Apricot kernels. Within 10 minutes, the mask, which comes in two mini re-sealable pods, helps leave your complexion soothed, exfoliated and refreshed.


Hyaluronic Activated Cooling Eye Tissue Mask ($5.99)

For tired, puffy eyes, the convenient Hyaluronic Activated Cooling Eye Tissue Mask can quickly refresh skin at home or on-the-go. The user-activated tissue mask combines a Hyaluronic Acid cooling liquid with a compressed pad before applying. After a few minutes, Hyaluronic Acid, known to help skin retain moisture, will leave the delicate eye area feeling cool and refreshed.