Cold & Flu Season Saviors

It’s that time of year again! While some may be jumping in the leaves and enjoying their first PSL of the year, the rest of us are afraid of what’s to come – cold & flu season! Prepare yourself with some of our cold season go-tos!

Sufficient-C: $22.99

Whether you’re traveling all over the place, or turning your desk into a sanitized space, Sufficient-C is the health insurance you need. Not only does it taste great, but all you need is a little water. Sufficient-C® High Dose Lemon Peach Immune-Ade drink mix is the health insurance you need and an outstanding way to fortify your immune system and compensate for losing that important gene! Convenient and incredibly refreshing, Sufficient-C® goes well with meals, is a thirst quenching treat after a hot workout and simply satisfying to drink just because… It is 100% water soluble so there are no particles floating about making it aesthetically pleasing as well!

K-Teas™: $9.99

Reduce the risk of getting sick with K-Teas™, a delicious loose-leaf teas and herbal infusions founded in Asia, inspired by the American cocktail & European cafes. These teas value a sophisticated balance of flavors, serendipitous creations, and studying the history behind different flavors. With a belief that all flavors were founded in man’s discovery of and delight in nature, K-Teas™ comes from whole botanicals as nature intended.

Sound Oasis’s AirTamer: $149.99

Everywhere you go throughout the day has germs. Work, your kid’s daycare, and even the beloved Target can all be filled with seasonal bugs that you’re inevitable to catch. The AirTamer A310 Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier was developed to address these air dangers. Worn around the neck or placed on a nightstand while sleeping, AirTamer produces millions of healthy negative ions to create a cleaner zone of air in planes, trains or other public places with poor air quality by forcing airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses, smoke and smog away from your breathing space.

Sababa: Sold in most Food 4 Less

Sababa Natural Spring Water is pulled from 5000+ feet under the earth’s surface in North America. Sababa water’s in-ground temperature is 41°F which maintains its perfectly balanced mineral composition and creates its incredibly crisp structure. Sababa water also gives back. With every bottle of water sold, they donate one healthy meal to a child by partnering with local food banks.

Zoganic: $29.99

Boost and maintain your health and immune systems this cold and flu season with Zoganic! This natural goodness is an excellent tool to maintain health and natural energy. Transforming a cup of water into a premium, fruity fusion that supports your body and mind throughout the day, Zoganic’s delicious drink mixes gluten-free, organic, low calorie and are pulled straight from nature to give you the instant boost you need.

Green Goo: $7.95

Winter is the primary season for cold sores so protect your lips with Green Goo Cold Sore Relief! The cold weather can dry out your lips in the winter, making you sensitive to getting cold sores. Green Goo Cold Sore Relief is a homeopathic herbal power-packed blend of healing herbs and essential oils helps to relieve the tingling, itching, blistering and pain associated with cold sores and fever blisters.

Purequosa: $17.95

The most wonderful time of the year can be harsh on your skin, try Purequosa to keep your skin hydrated! Purequosa is a shower replacement ideal for anyone looking for a quick way to feel and look fresh! Simply spray Purequosa an organic cleansing spray all over your body. This hydrating formula is suitable for sensitive skin and is free from any alcohol and chemicals. It’s pure! Keep Purequosa in your backpack, purse, gym bag, and car so you can always feel fresh wherever you are.

Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers: $4.99

Avoid the cold or flu by taking extra precaution in maintaining your oral health. With Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers, the revolutionary Antimicrobial Toothbrush, you can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up for up to 6 hours after brushing. Embedded with silver technology  and dual action Flossing Bristles™  these toothbrushes have an ultra thin at the tip to properly reach and brush away food and plaque in normally missed areas.