How to Get Rid of Dry Skin in Winters

The question may trouble you a bit that why I am asking to overcome dry skin problem in winter and not throughout the full year. This is because in winters are skin is more prone towards dryness as compared to any other season of the year. The reason behind it is the arid and dry wind of winters, more seasonal variations push us towards hot water showers. Dry skin could be irritating to the personal experience itchiness and rashes often associated; the person can visit Laser Hair Removal Hoboken under such circumstances. Find below some natural, easy remedies for dry skin in winters.

Ideas to Counter with Dry skin in Winters

1. Glycerin

A natural moisturizer glycerin is very useful in fighting against dry skin. You can apply it directly to the bare skin to moisten it, but it is quite irritating to use a concentrated form of it owing to its high viscosity. So blend it with a little of rose water to dilute the thickness.

2. Coconut Oil

If you are looking for a solution which can work for two purposes, one as a moisturizer and other as the skin toner, then I will strongly recommend extra virgin coconut oil to apply on your skin. You can also use it for moistening your face and lips as well. One thing that you must know that do not expose your surface to the sunlight while you have applied coconut oil to it. This observes daylight very quickly and can darken your skin complexion a bit more, instead of toning it.

3.  Aloe-vera

The aloe-Vera gel is used in many cosmetics for its various uses. The gel extracted from the succulent leaf of aloe-Vera is rich in many proteins and vitamins which nourish the skin naturally. Apply fresh aloe gel before catching your bed and leave it overnight for best results.

4.  Moisturizing Face-Packs

Various face-packs of fruits like banana, strawberry, lemon with yogurt could be used for getting rid of dry skin in winters. Apply them directly on the face, leave for 30 minutes and rinse your face. You will experience a moisten skin.

5.  Lukewarm water for Showers

Of course, we become a little cozy with hot water showers in winter, but our skin has to suffer a lot for this. Always prefer lukewarm water for getting a shower in winters, so that your skin could be prevented from further dryness. Do not forget to use body lotions after the shower.

6. Avoid Excessive Soap use

Excessive use of soap can remove the oil layer present on the skin, as a result of which your skin gets more drier than average.  Nowadays there are many brands that produce mild soaps that have natural, nourishing ingredients. O Naturals, ATTITUDE, and Goat Soap are a few from many. All these brands have natural bar soaps that are definitely better than regular ones as such ingredients as lavender, cocoa, shea butter, goat milk are really gentle on skin and each of them have their own benefits. For instance, goat milk bar soaps help not only to combat dryness but also plump and heal the skin. 

7. Cover your skin Properly in Wind

Humid wind in the winters takes away all skin moisture from you if you left your skin exposed to the wind. Cover your body and face correctly, when you are out from home in winters.

8. Honey

Honey is considered as the best source of miniaturization from ages. A little honey along with lemon juice could be smeared on the skin to look it more healthy and moisten.

If you are not successful in overriding dry skin even after trying all solutions mentioned above, you can make an appointment with your dermatologist in urgent care Hoboken regarding your skin problems, because it could be a case of psoriasis in some situations.