First Aid for Broken Bones and Fractures

Bones are the essential part of our skeleton which helps in locomotion from one place to another and other movements as well. But when these bones get broken or fractured due to extra unbearable pressure on them, severe pain is experienced by the person. Under such conditions, it becomes difficult to move for even short distances. If you or any of your friend come across such episode you should have an idea about the necessary actions that must be taken at that time for first aid :

  1. Place the Person to Bed Immediately

A bone fracture could happen due to multiple reasons, like injury during sports or when you are doing some other work. Suppose you get a fracture while running on the track, the first thing you need to do is to shift yourself to the bed but without moving the fractured bone much. You can do that by taking the help of someone near you. Visit urgent care near me for further treatment by the expert and professional doctors.

  1. Do not Move the Affected Bone

Moving a fractured bone too often can cause serious problems, more it is accompanied by severe pain. When you are lying on the bed, make sure that you do not rush here and there for the things like your directory of contacts to search the number of the doctor. For this purpose, you can take the help from someone in your surrounding.

  1. Cover the fractured bones that Protrude Out of the Skin

Fractures are of two types, one in which bones get cracked into two or three parts but still they do not move from their original place, and the other types are that which gets dislocated from their initial position and sometimes even protrudes out of the skin by causing injury and bleeding in the skin surface. If your damage resembles to somewhat like this try to cover the wounded surface with a bandage or something like that so that blood does not ooze out and bone could be resisted by excessive movement.   

  1. Ice Therapy

This is the most efficient way of reducing the bleeding caused by skin injury in dislocation types of fractures. Rubbing ice cubes on the affected site minimize the area of cross-action as a result of which blood capillaries contract and less blood ooze out from the injury. This therapy of lowering bleeding and pain as well is prevalent since ages and proved out to be very useful in many cases.

  1. Call the Physician

Above described steps are performed at home, but to rush the patient for hospital urgent care Hoboken is very crucial. This is because the only doctor can provide the actual severe treatment for recovery from the fracture.