Get Ready to Define YOU!

Get ready for the ultimate in moisture that lets you define YOU. Mixed Chicks’ Coil, Kink and Curl is one of their newest products that is great for styling while nourishing too!

Sold worldwide, the top selling brand for the “curly set” has been letting customers globally pamper themselves.

Their Coil, Kink and Curl is yet another amazing addition to their product line and features:

  • Six nourishing oils to help retain moisture
  • Makes styling easy
  • Great for for wash & go, finger styling, two strand twists, coils and spirals.
  • Promotes growth and adds definition
  • Ideal for thicker, fuller textures

The Coil, Kink and Curl is great for Wash-n-Go and to extend your favorite styles. Grab some and style as YOU wish!

$12- available on as well as stores nationwide including Target, Rite Aid and more.