Grandmas2Share Brings Back Grandma’s Love and Presence with Plush, Recordable, Talking Dolls

Some moments in life
are precious and simply can’t be replaced.
The presence of Grandmas and their affection is one of them. 
new venture is now bringing them into our lives in an entirely new and imaginative form. Grandmas2Share has launched a collection of dolls that represent one’s grandma, with the same cute smile and affectionate looks.
No child should be deprived of the unconditional love of a  grandma and Grandmas2Share aims to ensure that with its new collection of grandma dolls. The dolls are soft plush and come with accessories such as a unique story book and a purse to keep pictures. Grandmas can record their own voice and send a special message to their grandchild so they can feel the nurturing love that they feel when they are together. 

The dolls make for an ideal gift for children of all ages. The toys also serve to inculcate pride and self-esteem that comes from knowing one’s family history.

“Today’s children are engrossed in technology. Grandmas2Share was created to spark conversation in our families so children can learn about their culture, heritage, and how to keep their family traditions alive!

The rest of the world needed to feel what my children were feeling and what I felt as a child, being fortunate enough to know both of my grandmothers. Now, ALL children can know them too!” says Marguerite Spagnuolo, Founder & CEO of Grandmas2Share, Inc. 

Grandmas2Share dolls are a creative and fun way to nurture and reassure kids whenever needed. The products can be bought from the official online shop of Grandmas2Share


Our plush, talking Grandma dolls, stitched with love and care, remind our little ones of all the tender moments they share with their grandmothers. These unique dolls come with their own storybooks and a purse in which to keep pictures of a favorite grandchild. Your child will love curling up with you and Grandma so you can SHARE stories and learn more about their heritage! For more information, please visit: