Home Transformation: Top Tips On How to Update Your Home to the Next Level

The most significant asset under your possession is your house. The appearance of your home will speak about your lifestyle and personality. Don’t settle for the things you had decades ago. Maybe now is the time to update your living space and determine the things you need to change and you wish to upgrade to achieve the maximum comfort you want.

Home upgrades don’t always mean total renovations. Sometimes, the simplest things you upgrade makes a huge difference. Improving the aesthetic and condition of your house won’t always require a significant cost. You can take your cue from these tips on how to redesign your home to the next level without breaking your bank.

Paint is Vital

Painting can affect the lighting of your whole interior. With that mentioned, you might opt for fresh paint when upgrading your home. The right paint job can renew, revitalize, and refresh any room in your house or even your entire home.

Repainting is the most economical way to transform your home into a much relaxing interior. However, finding the perfect paint to fit your home design can be so hard. If you have a difficult time choosing the right shade for your home, you can go for any light and neutral colors. These colors are the best pick for a soothing and stunning transformation in any space of your home.

Utilize Your Kitchen to Its Maximum Capacity

In home renovation, you are not just upgrading its aesthetic but also aim to maximize your storage as well. When it comes to updating your kitchen, it is best to utilize the space to its maximum capacity to help you with your storage problems.

You can add undershelf baskets to maximize your vertical storage. They can extend your cabinet’s capacity and can create an area for various types of ingredients. You can also install rolling shelves with low sides to keep the things inside your kitchen easily accessible and organized. 

Make Your Home Green

Adding plants to your living space is an economical way to add-on colors and textures to your home. These greens will not only add beauty to your interior but can also help balance the humidity. This 10 lawn fertilizer can also make your home green. They can also remove harmful gasses from the air and absorbs pollutants making your home fresh and safe.

Make Use of the Things You Already Have

In decorating your home, you probably need some accessories. Instead of shopping for new items, take a good look at the stuff you already have. You can frame arts from children’s storybooks and hung it in your kid’s rooms or bathrooms.

If you have an old ironing board that’s not in use, you can give it a simple makeover and make it a table. You can arrange candles, books or frames on top of them to add design in the corner.  Your creativity will amaze you on what you can do with the stuff you already have that are just packed up in boxes.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom don’t always need to be expensive. Instead of tiling the whole bathroom walls, you can have a more economical approach with laying thin strips of tiles along the bathroom walls or repaint the old tiles to give it a new appearance. If you do it on your own, just remember to clean, sand, and prime the existing tiles before painting.

Another way to give a facelift to a tired bathroom is by applying a new coat of paint in the entire walls. With that, never choose the cheapest paint available in the market, or it might double the cost of your repainting. Bathroom areas are steamy and moist spaces, and they require a particular type of paint that is resistant to mold.

You can also install a combination of task lighting, built-in ceiling lights, and suave pendant lights to add function and mood to your bathroom. Advanced your lighting with LED and add strips on your bathroom floor encircling the bath or along the sides of your mirror for a maximum effect.


The key to decorating or updating your home aesthetically is to picture out an image of what you want and then step-by-step upgrade each part of your house following the tips mentioned above. Sometimes the smallest things you upgrade makes the most significant impact.

However, if you want to have a professionally designed home, you can get some help to the pros. You can search for some sites like Gia Renovation and other home improvement pages to give you honest, professional, and helpful advice on how to start and finish your home transformation.