The Sound of High-End Luxury Fashion——Mademe Adassa NYFW

Along with the grand music, Madame Adassa presented its Fall / Winter 2019 collection in NYFW today.

Mademe Adassa is a luxury fashion brand based in Tampa, FL. It offers from classy formal dresses to extraordinary gowns made for the runway, including couture bridal gowns and custom made gowns. Although Mademe Adassa spans a wide range of styles and colors, today’s shows focused more on tradition made gowns.

And most of them are black, blue and gold, with silver and gold stitching. The pattern of the dresses could perfectly strengthen coordination with the style of Prince George Ballroom. As to the form of these collections, they all inspired by a fusion of European and Caribbean designs and a little island flare.

When we talk about Mademe Adassa, we may be kind of familiar, because the brand has been featured in some lifestyle magazines including Vogue Britain. And this brand focuses on high quality.

The designer of Madame Adassa, Marsha Vacirca, was born in Jamacia. Affected by her family, she soon developed a vast knowledge in the world of textile and fabric manipulation. Although She became unwillingly, the director for her mother’s operation in her mother’s atelier, It was there that she learned the art of free cutting and developed a love for the draping technique she most frequently uses today in her designs.

The most impressive part is that I can feel confidence and beauty, as well as natural sensuality that every woman possesses. Maybe that is what the designer wants to tell us.