A Quinoa Hair Product that Works Wonders for Hair!

Did you know that the new mother of all grains, Quinoa, if hydrolyzed, does wonders for the hair? The reason being, it penetrates through the cuticles and supplements the protein loss that happens through coloring, bleaching, sun, sea and age. Quinoa’s natural protein content is far more than any other grain. Furthermore the quinoa protein composition is almost identical to the protein composition of the hair. So when the proteins come in contact, they immediately bond together, making the hair stronger and rebuilding it naturally to prevent breakage and split ends. It also protects against hair loss and thinning for both men and women.

You can now use the quinoa protein to add to your chemical color at home (a cap full) or take it the salon to put in 0.25 oz into one application of 2 oz of color or into one scoop of bleach to give back the protein the hair loses. The difference is amazing and could be felt and seen right away.

Introducing Quinoaplex by ONC, made of the new miracle grain “quinoa”, that transforms hair when hydrolyzed and molecules are then small enough to get through the cuticles of the hair to penetrate into the hair shaft. Quinoaplex by ONC is therefore beneficial because hair is made of 85% Protein which also is called Keratin. Washing hair, color/bleach and/or its exposure to sun, causes loss of protein, thinning of hair (men & women), hair loss and hair breakage.

Quinoaplex by ONC provides:

– lasting shine
– manageability without the need of any gels or hairspray.
– shorter time of hair drying
– decreases hair loss, thinning and breakage
– increases the lasting of hair color
– soothing irritated scalp
– it allows the hair to be colored and bleached with much less damage more often as the protein that the hair loses, is given back with the hydrolyzed quinoa protein.

Other great benefits of quinoa hair protein are:

It promotes growth
Helps the pigmentation of your hair color
Its minerals are natural hair strengtheners
Protect your hair from environmental damaging agents like air pollution.

Use: Shampoo hair and towel dry. Spray on evenly all over hair and then massage till it lathers. Leave for 10-15 min. Then rinse and condition (leave on for 3 min). If you don’t have time, you can just leave it on and not bother with the rinsing and conditioner. You can also add a cap full ( 0.25 fl. oz.) into any chemical box color right before coloring at home. Take it to your salon and ask or insist the colorist put in a cap full ( 0.25 fl. oz.) into  your chemical color or bleach solution. It does not interfere with ratios, developeror formula time. You can see its effects after one application. But never use immediately after hair coloring. Wait 3-4 days.

QUINOAPLEX R₃ the organic based bond builder and protein conditioner. Developed for professional use, quinoa protein and the protein composition of hair and nails are almost identical. So when the proteins come together they immediately bond, making the hair stronger, and rebuilding it naturally.